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Rachel Brannick

on 10 January 2013

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Transcript of Italy

By: Rachel Brannick, Matt Hoopes, and Luke Leslie Italian Nationalism Nationalism Key Terms The Catholic Church did not recognize Italy as a legitimate nation, so the pope did not let them vote.
Southern Italians resented being governed by Rome, the new capitol if Italy.
Only the wealthiest men could vote.
Government limited working hours and prohibiting child labor. Italian Challenges Question 2 A composer inspired unification. Giuseppe Verdi had composed a song and the lyrics (from the opera Nabucco) inspired Italians to unite

When Napoleon invaded Italy he united some states. When Napoleon was defeated the Congress of Vienna split then up at once more.

Giuseppe Mazzini was exiled for believing to strongly in nationalism.

Giuseppe Garibaldi lead part of the Sardinia army.

Cavour, Mazzini, and Garibaldi became founding fathers of the nation and where immortalized. 5 Important Concepts Giuseppe Mazzini- A popular writer that was exiled because of his outspoken nationalism Italian people became interested in Italian traditions and others formed secret groups in Austria to work toward political change. Giuseppe Mazzini was exiled cause of his outspoken love for his country Unification Napoleon was defeated and then the congress of Vienna split the Italian states once more In the Papal states Rome took over causing the pope to flee, which allowed Garibaldi and Mattini to form a Roman Republic(most people wanted a republic). Then the republic got crushed by France. Who then became an allie of Italy.France and Italy became a very strong power and beat Austria in a fight for Piedmont. When Italians wanted Piedmont to be part of Italy. Question 1 A.) Describe what Young Italy A nationalist group to fight for unification of separate Italian states. C.) What effect did the Congress of Vienna have on the development of nationalism in Italy It sparked nationalism when they drew border lines. B.) Why did Mazzini think of territory lines set by the Congress of Vienna needed to be changed? Nationalism A.) Who was Camillo di Cavour? A leader of the Italian unification movement. B.) Why did Cavour form an alliance with France? So they could help him in war and help him control Austria. C.) What role could a newspaper like I1 Risorgimento play in the Italian unification movement? It could spread nationalism across the country and tell Italy whats happening. Question 3 A.) Who were the Red Shirts? Garibaldi's followers that wore colorful uniforms. B.) Given that he favored a republic, why do you think Garibaldi handed over southern states to Victor Emmanuel? Italy voted for the unification, so they could be stronger if they ever got in a war. Question 4 A.) Name two problems Italy faced after unification. Southern Italians resented being governed by Rome.
Catholic Church didn't recognize Italy as a legitimate nation. B.) How did social reform in Italy compare to reforms in Great Britain and France. Italy didn't have a democracy. Assigned Questions How did nationalism stir in Italy after the Congress of Vienna? Italians were separated into three groups under three different rulers. What role did Cavour, Sardinia, and Garibaldi play toward unification? Cavour was the brain of the unification.
Sardinia played the part of the troubled kingdom.
Garibaldi fought for Italy using Guerrilla warfare. What challenges did Italy face after unification? Social and economic problems. Cammillo di Cavour- An important leader of the Italian Unification. Giuseppe Garibaldi- The leader of the Sardinia Army. Red Shirts- Garibaldi and his followers. Victor Emmanuel- The king of Sardinia. Cited Sources History Book thinkquest.org
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