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SharePoint Workflows

No description

Kevin Marshall

on 15 March 2011

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Transcript of SharePoint Workflows

SharePoint Workflows Basics 2 Ways 2 Create Workflows 1 Visual Studio 2010 Workflow Designer Code based - extremely customizable
Utilize forms to communicate with workflow users during runtime
Developed against entire farm, not just one site
Can be initiated using a variety of system/event triggers SharePoint Designer 2010 Code Free
Developed against specific site
Utilize pre-existing actions and conditions
Easy integration with InfoPath forms
Less prone to issues with migration down the road 2 SharePoint Designer 2010 Types of Workflows List Workflows Reusable Workflows Site Workflows Cool things you can do with
SharePoint Designer Workflows! If, then, else statements

Create variables

Do calculations

Check in/out items from a list

Create list items or documents based on user input or other criteria

Lookup Manager of a user

Extract data from strings A few SP Designer Workflow Examples Send notification emails when items change in a list

Document reviews: review, approve, and/or give feedback on a document

Assign to-do tasks to individuals or groups based upon user input (sequential or parallel)

Other Uses?? Let's checkout a demo! Goal: Create a simple webform to capture phone inquiries to the main company
phone number via an administrative assistant which will send inquiry info to departmental designees

Create a custom list with the following fields: Full Name, Telephone Number, Email Address, Title, Organization/Company, Department Routing, Inquiry Notes
Edit the form in InfoPath 2010
Setup conditions and actions of the workflow within SPDesigner 2010
Publish the Workflow and send the URL to your Admin Assistant
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