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STAAR One for EM-S ISD Teachers

No description

Cindy Tucker

on 20 December 2013

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Transcript of STAAR One for EM-S ISD Teachers

Select the Subject
Install Acces4
From your T: drive, COPY the Acces4 Folder to your desktop
Double-click on the Computer icon on your desktop then on the C: drive
Arrange the window so you can still see the Acces4 folder on your desktop
Drag the Acces4 folder from the desktop to your Program Files Window
Open Program Files > Access4
Right-click on the Acces Icon and drag it to the desktop; let go and create desktop shortcut
STAAR One Test Maker
Register your account by entering your username and district email address and clicking register.
First Time
Help > Check for Updates
Green circle will take you to a previous screen.
This is a list of the subject areas.
When you select a problem, it will appear here.
When you add problems to your test, they will be listed here.
View and edit problems for your test here.
Move between questions with the arrows.
Add questions to your test with the PLUS sign.
Get to Know the Acces4 Workspace
Let's Get Started!
Double- Click on your desired subject.
Select the Grade Level
Double- Click on your desired subject.
Select the TEKS
Click through the problems. Click the "+" to add it to your test.
Pay Special Attention here!
RIGHT-CLICK on the passage, select View Passages ...
You can insert it into your test from that preview window.
Double-click on the same Passage title to see the problems
associated with this passage.
General GOOD-to-KNOWs
Check for updates frequently (always???)
Use Print Preview often!
Save your test as an .axml file so that you can return to edit it later.
File > Export As > PDF
for Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD Teachers
Network or Local?
By installing Acces4 on your own teacher computer, it will run faster and you will have the ability to check for and run updates.
Let's Explore
Format Menu
Change the way the document looks here.
If all else fails ...
We strongly suggest saving the .axml file too!
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