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Newspaper Front Page Comparisons

By Roshan Suntharan

Roshan Suntharan

on 20 October 2012

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Transcript of Newspaper Front Page Comparisons

Newspaper Front Page Comparisons Hey guys. Today, we are going to play a game called....... "Watch Roshan compare the news articles: the "National Post" and the "Ottawa Citizen." So..... LISTEN UP! .....and have fun. ENJOY! <<< First up will be the "National Post." And now... the "Ottawa Citizen." >>> Advertisements Flag Dateline Headline Subhead Byline Photograph Lede Paragraph Caption Jump Advertisements Flag Dateline Headline Subhead Byline Photograph Lede Paragraph Caption Jump Now, I wish you good luck from now on forwards..... If you're wondering why.... well, I have some NEWS for you. YOU are the next one to present your ...... Flag Unlike most newspaper flags/masts, the National Post's flag is vertical and contains more information than just its name Very big and eye-catching compared to the Ottawa Citizen's flag; takes up a lot of space on the page Supports other information on the inside of the newspaper, such as sports and other news from different countries around the world Indicates the date of when this newspaper was published About the same size as the headline of the "Ottawa Citizen" Although that is true, it is not as informative so it makes the reader want to continue reading to find out more Explains the main idea/topic of the story Much bigger than the subheading on the "Ottawa Citizen" so readers are able to find it and be informed about the following article Describes topic with the use of just a few words Shows the name of the author who wrote this certain article Describes the main idea of the entire article Talks about "who, what, where, and why" in it as it normally should. Tells the reader enough information so they want to read more about the article Much bigger than the photo given on the "Ottawa Citizen" Photo focuses on the actual article and shows what is happening; in this case, a man known as "Fearful Felix" jumping down to Earth from space Shows virtual display of the depth that the astronaut has jumped; used to keep attention of the readers Describes the given photograph with lots of detail Tells how the picture took place in reality; the speed that Felix travelled from space back to Earth Similar to the given photograph in the "Ottawa Citizen" newspaper, the caption gives a description of what the photo is showing Indicates the page(s) that the given article will be continued on; may also include more paragraphs All of them are placed at a relatively large size when compared to the ads found on the "Ottawa Citizen" Made as a good size so they can catch the reader's attention Ads would attract most families since they show many deals to help save money; many family households will buy this newspaper According to the single photograph posted along with the large amounts of text for each section, this newspaper is written for adults who are highly literate and other students who are 18+. Due to the amount of text posted on this newspaper, most adults wouldn't bother to read all or most of the information written and shown because they want to read something that is less complicated and less stressful. Newspapers like the "National Post" are written to apply and spread more information about different situations and news happening around the world. High class families and many other rich households would read this newspaper. This newspaper also includes the sports section and alternate entertainment so the reader doesn't lose interest in the article and the information provided. Shows the date of when the newspaper was published Relatively small when compared to the photograph provided by the "National Post" newspaper Shows a different view of "Fearless Felix" jumping out of the space pod on his journey back down to Earth Allows the readers and viewers to see the jump from another point of view Placed underneath the photograph of the article to give the reader of a small imagination of what they're going to read about Excellent use of words to give the audience a bit of shock to read on and learn more about the topic Talks about the main topic of the article using the key words: who, what, where, and why Goes off topic by talking about a different situation that happened in the past May cause readers to forget what they were reading and be unable to understand what they were reading Shows the name of the author who wrote the article Contains a lot of important information that is being used in the article Gives away too many ideas about the article, the suspense of the article is destroyed Main points are given out so most readers won't continue to read due to the lack of suspense Indicates to the reader of where the article will be continued in the newspaper; such as A1, B2, C3, etc... Describes the picture thoroughly with the use of several words Applies too much information, which are most of the important details applied within the article about the main topic Readers and alternate viewers may be drawn away from reading the entire article due to this mistake made by the newspaper editors and publishers Expresses the name of the newspaper, each one has a unique design Much smaller when compared to the "National Post" so it won't catch as much attention After looking at the level of the vocabulary that is being used in this specific newspaper, you can identify that it is written and edited for families and people who have a high level education. Other people and families that have low amounts of education and only completed a certain amount of school, such as graduating high school would have a hard time reading this. Due to the vocab, highly educated will read it because they can understand it. Even though the families that read this newspaper are highly educated in many ways in many subjects, the newspaper need to provide them with a form of entertainment either through sports news or politics. These topics allow the readers/viewers to read the outcomes of the current games that were won and lost by certain teams. Also, they may be entertained by reading about the fights and debates that took place in the "House of Commons" or other parliament buildings. This will keep the readers entertained so they continue to read that newspaper which helps them stay in business. National Post Positive Points Negative Points Excellent use of words to shock the audience and cause them to read more Not enough pictures, reading a lot of text may get boring Caption and photograph are accurate, allowing the reader/viewer to get a virtual display of the writing Entertaining advertisements are not shown on the front page so readers might restrict from reading it Highly educated families and people will read this newspaper because the combination of words and phrases keep the readers interested in all of the information Provide the readers with a clear explanation for them to understand the article and all of the ideas involved within them Ottawa Citizen Positive Points Negative Points Provides photographs for most of the articles found on the front page; certainly provided for the articles that are thought to be the most important Most of the information about the main topic being compared; the jump from space done by "Fearless Felix" has been placed in the caption and subtitle Interesting facts about the upcoming article are exploited Many interesting facts are given to support the main idea/topic that is talked about in the newspaper Appropriate captions are given for the pictures with excellent information about the topic it is supporting Instead of just talking about regular news and other things that happen, the Ottawa Citizen notifies the reader/viewer that the newspaper contains other sections on sports, businesses, politics, crimes, etc... Similarities Both newspapers have headlines, subheadings, photographs, captions and a lot of important information to explain the article. Both headlines and lede paragraphs from both newspapers give just enough information about the main topic to shock and tease the reader, causing them to read on. The "National Post" and "Ottawa Citizen" newspapers are able to provide their readers/viewers with all of the information about different stories, either through a large amount of text and/or the photographs and captions so the readers can imagine how the story occurred in reality. As well as the points above, each of these newspapers that I have compared are normally and usually written for its audience that is highly educated. The highly educated families and other people are able to read the information provided by the newspaper because they can understand everything that is written. Finally, the given photographs and captions are able to give the readers a full view of what the article is about. It will give them a virtual view and allows them to imagine the story being read. Differences The "National Post" newspaper only provides a single photograph for 1 of the articles on the entire front page while the "Ottawa Citizen" posts more photographs for each article so the readers/viewers can have a virtual view of what they are reading. When using words, the "National Post" is able to provide the readers with an excellent combination of words and phrases so the readers, who would be 18+ since that is the audience the information is set at. In the use of words, the "Ottawa Citizen" applies all of the important information about the article in many places. This may cause the readers to become bored and fall off track (information from article is put in caption and subheading). The advertisements are different in many ways, because the ones on the "National Post" front page are based on saving money by buying your household products for much less. The "Ottawa Citizen" doesn't have any advertisements on its front page, this may reduce the number of customers that they receive due to the lack of fun and entertainment that they can have. Finally, both newspapers use different methods to keep intact with their customers so their businesses does not start to go down. They express all of their news and stories and many different ways which can seem entertaining to one group, yet boring to another. Overall, there are several differences that distinguish one newspaper from another. THANKS FOR WATCHING. Doesn't have any The main coverage of the story that has been recorded is also alike. Although, both stories are based on the same topic, each newspaper has a different point of views of it. The main story talks about the Austrian, known as "Fearless Felix" jumping from the edge of space, hoping to break the world record which was once created in 1947. Both front pages use the 4 question words to tease their audience who will continue reading to learn more.
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