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Copy of Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne OneView Report

Installation tutorial in JD Edwards E1 Demo 9.1

Javier Peredo

on 5 February 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne OneView Report

BI Publisher
One View Report Boilerplates

BI Publisher Installation
Boilerplates Import
Setup the BI Publisher Environment
Authoring role
Map E1 User to a BI Publisher User
UDC Setup
OVR Soft Coding Template
OVR Feature Authorizations
Installing OVR Reports
OVR Reports Testing Agenda One View Report - OVR
Installation Tutorial
JD Edwards E1 Demo 9.1 Oracle BI Publisher 11g Trial Edition Download http://goo.gl/Jpuxz BI Publisher Trial Edition 11g for Windows 64 bit OneView Reporting https://edelivery.oracle.com Applications / 9.1 Tools Media Pack
B66755-03 Product Pack: JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Platform: Microsoft Windows x64 (64-bit) One View Reporting V30336-01 Download Run BIPublisherTrialEdition.exe BI Publisher Installation Follow the default instructions Start BI Publisher OVR Boilerplates Import User: jdeovrbi
Pwd: jdeovrbi01 Sign-in BI Publisher Extract V30336-01.zip Select
Shared Folders
Boilerplates -> Edit Add New Layout
Find .XPT file Name: OVRJDE0"N"
Type: BI Publisher
Locale: English { 910allreports
JDE_Boilerplates Import Boilerplates Result Attention!! BI Author Role Access to the Boilerplates We must create the BI Author role before continue Administration
Security Center
Roles and Permissions
Create Role
Name: BIAuthor / Apply

Add Roles
Move All / Aplly Catalog
Shared Folders

At Bottom Left
Create - "+" symbol / Search
Add BIAuthor role / OK

Check ALL check boxes / OK Giving the BIAuthor Role Access to the Boilerparts Administration
Create User
User Name: demo
Password: demo

Assign Roles
Apply Create BI Publisher User for EnterpriseOne Verify that you can logon in BI Publisher with user DEMO Attention!! Map E1 User to a BI Publisher User We must create UDC value before continue Log in JD Edwards with user DEMO
On Fast Path type UDC
Product Code: H95
User Defined Codes: RI

Click ADD
Description 01: One View Reporting Go to Personalization to right JD Edwards Menu
My System Options
User Profiles Revision
BI Publisher Pswd
BI Publisher User ID: demo
BI Publisher Password: demo
Save Map E1 User to a BI Publisher User P953000 OVR Soft Coding Template Change the following values <endpoint>http://localhost:7001</endpoint>
Mask Value: demo Click Add
Type the following values Create OVR Soft Coding Record P954000 User / Role: *PUBLIC
Environment Name: DEMO910
Click Populate Soft Coding Value Attention!! You may see a BLANKS INVALID error
It's a bug and you may ignore We don't need to change anything here! OVR Feature Authorizations P958973 Setting Up Feature Authorizations P958974 Setup Access Control for Users

ADD the following values

Environment Name: DV910
User / Role or *PUBLIC: *PUBLIC
Form Name: *ALL
Object Name: *ALL
Product Code: *ALL Tip: Type DV910 on Environment Name QBE after the ADD to prevent scroll over too many records Close all applications and restart your machine
Start BI Publisher
Start JD Edwards E1

E1 Menus
EnterpriseOne Life Cycle Tools
One View Reports
Work With Importing One View Reports (P982402 | ZJDE0002)

Click Load Import File button
Find and load 910allreports.zip
Click SAVE
Wait for the import loading bar to complete Installing OVR Reports (Finally some fun!!) One View Customer Ledger Inquiry - P03B2022 Working with OVR (now the fun starts!!) G03B17
Accounts Receivable Inquiries
One View Customer Ledger Inquiry

Company: 0050
Click the "Go to End" grid button >|

One View
Customer Account Balance Analysis
Type demo as user name and pwd
Click Sign In
The report is displayed! Tip: you just need to type the user/pwd once per session Questions, Comments... THANK YOU!!
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