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No description

Carly Trepagnier

on 12 October 2016

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Transcript of ENGLISH

Department of
St. Charles Catholic High School

Peggy Bordelon
Melanie Lohfink
Greer Millet
Charlene Eymard
Kimberly Stuart
Carly Flynn
Raleigh Benoit

-English 8 & Reading 8

-English I-Survey of Genres

-English II-Int. Survey of Genres

-English III-American Literature

-English IV- British Literature

-Intermediate English and Language Composition

-Advanced Placement Composition

-Advanced Placement English IV and V

-Dual Enrollment with SLU: English 101 & 102

-Communication with local middle schools keeps transition smooth for incoming students

-Courses are aligned with appropriate grade-level ACT skill standards

-Inter-departmental course scaffolding in areas of literature, grammar, and writing
In SCC English, we believe...
We learn about each other...
We see student perspectives...
Student Testimonies
Opportunities for Awards and Recognition
Thank you for attending SCC Open House!

We hope to see you again.
Department Members
Required Courses
Elective Course
Curriculum Design
-that literature helps us to understand each other as well as God

-that every student has an individual perspective and voice

- that practicing mastery of language will serve students in all aspects of life
-by reading works of literature that engage minds and challenge moral perspectives
-by giving students a chance to participate in literature through performance and writing
-through scholarly and creative writing assignments that challenge students to express themselves clearly and interestingly
"By the end of my first semester, I will be only three [credit] hours away from being a sophomore because of this [English] class." --Catherine Monica, 2010
"Some of the best moments of my senior year took place in my second home with my little Red Room family." --Shelby Bourgeois, 2011
Students also are challenged by college-level instruction. SELU instructor, Chris Cook,
assists with Dual- Enrollment.
-District & State Rally

-Outstanding English Graduate

-Various Essay and Creative Writing Contests

-Catholicity Essay Awards
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