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Fiber Optics

A presentation about fiber optics

on 9 March 2016

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Transcript of Fiber Optics

By:Raiyan.A and Liam.M
What is Fiber optics?
Fiber optics Cables used to carry information

They are made of glass or polymers (plastic)

They use light for communication

They use Digital signals.
What is it made of?
Fiber optics are made purely of optical glass

Optical Glass and normal glass is different

Optical Glass is going made with a different process and behaves differently than normal glass
How is it made of?
Is it more more effective than copper cables?
Most people believe that fiber optics has proven it's superiority over copper wires

It has greater bandwidth

It is digital

It can go longer distances
Fiber optics pros
Greater bandwidth, which is much more efficient than other copper

It has great signal reliability,

Signal vs Distance

It is lighter that traditional wires
Fiber optics Pros and Cons
Like everything, fiber optics has its ups and down.
Fiber Optics Cons
It is very expensive to make

It is expensive to install

Not flexible

Bad for traffic switching
History Lesson
How does it work?
It uses light that travles through glass.
It is a growing industry
Fiber Optics
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