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High Leverage Strategies and Tools for Classroom Management

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Jennifer Sajovec

on 16 March 2018

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Transcript of High Leverage Strategies and Tools for Classroom Management

High Leverage Strategies and Tools for Classroom Management
Room Arrangement
Frequently Change of Locations
Hula Hoop Trick for Personal Space
Meditation, Brain Break, Cool Down
Visually Appeal
Limit distractions
Focus Points (current anchor charts)
Hit Your Mark
Creating Rituals & Routines
Give students consistency in their learning and routines to help center their thinking
Reduce anxiety so students can be open to content.
Create a flow in their school day.
Areas of Focus
Physical Environment
Rituals and Routines
Class Relationships
Managing Behavior
Place(s) for Collaboration
Visual Tracking Consideration
Alternative Seating

Which area/strategies would you like to improve?

Positive Talk
3:1 Ratio
Power of Choice
Present two option, both are acceptable
Respectful Interactions
Building Classroom Climate
Provide CONSTANT modeling.
Private Redirect (save face)
Delay Conversation
Top Tips in Preserving Respect during Redirection
Take out your emotions!
Use "caring" body language.
Offer a repair session.
Would you like to finish your work at your desk or would you like to finish it at the teacher table?
Let student know if they don't pick then you will have the choice.
Sorry you didn't make the choice. I'm choosing work at the table. You can make a choice next time.
Use the two-option system in both positive and "not-so-positive" situations so there is not a negative connotation to choice.
Critical Friend Observation
Embed opportunities for students to give and receive affirmation.
Use a shout-out system.
Use role playing, anchor charts, etc.
Maintain your positive attitude or display positive reactions.
Tips for Student Engagement
Whiteboards, Journals, Binders, Post-It and More
Shout It Out!
Wait Time!

Wait 6-8 minutes before calling on any student.
Ask students to NOT raise hands at first ("think time".)
Tap your foot to keep time.
3-2-1 Method
Students "record" 3 things they have learning, 2 interesting things, and 1 question they have about what was taught.
Devise a way where all students participate in the activity.
Which area/strategies would you like to improve?
Which area/strategies would you like to improve?
1..2..3...give the answer.
Turn and Talk
Stand Up/Sit Down
Adding On
Find ways to have more than one student respond to a question.
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