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No description

on 9 January 2014

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Transcript of BAHRAIN WATCH

At Bahrain Watch we seek to promote effective and transparent governance in Bahrain.
Our members are activists and researchers.
Did you know... ?
...denied entrance to 242 journalists, academics, aid workers, NGOs, etc.
...cancelled the UN special rapporteur on torture's visit twice.
...bought at least 1.5m tear gas canisters and attempted to buy 3m more.
...allocated or spent nearly $50m on Western PR firms to improve their international image.
...used software from UK firm Gamma Interational to spy on activists.
At the moment we have 6 ongoing projects:
Stop the Shipment
Arms Watch
The IP Spy Files
Access Denied
PR Watch
Government Inaction
In the last 12 months we have been busy.
During the last 12 months we have been busy...
We started the
campaign in October
A leaked tender document showed the Bahrain government's intention to buy 1.6m tear gas canisters.
A leaked tender document showed the Bahrain governement's intention to buy 1.6m tear gas canisters and tear gas grenades.
There were PROTESTS...
... a media campaign with
coverage in (amongst others) :

The New York Times
The Financial Times
The Guardian
The Huffington Post
The Independent
... and lodged complaints with
several UN Special Rapporteurs.
But most importantly...
... with your help we sent 394,000 emails to the government, regulators and tear gas manufacturers in South Korea.
We took legal action,
lodging a complaint with
the OECD to stop South Korean company Dae Kwang from selling the tear gas to the Bahrain government...
Together we
the shipment.
...we made 3 submissions to the Foreign Affairs Select Committee's report looking at the UK's relations with Bahrain and Saudi Arabia...
...and a submission to the UK's Committee on Arms Export Controls.
We monitor when people are denied entrance to the country in our project
Access Denied.
Most recently someone was denied access to Bahrain
as they wanted to ask people about happiness...
...happiness is obviously a contentious topic for the Bahrain government.
...we record who is targeted by the software...
Our project
The IP Spy Files
exposed finspy's use in Bahrain and the government's attempt to spy on activists...
...and monitor those in Bahrain that are being prosecuted and jailed for remarks made on social media.
We also filed a compaint with the OECD against
Gamma International for selling its spy software
to the Bahrain government...
PR Watch
showed that 18 Western PR companys had been employed by the Bahrain government to improve the countries image at a cost of $35m.
In October we released documents showing that six major British and American PR firms had made bids of between $1.9m and $25.7m million to win a new PR contract offered by the Bahraini government.
Future Projects
Bahrain Watch members had a number of articles published in the
in 2013...
The Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry report made a number of recommendations to the Bahrain government regarding reform.
The government claim that these recommendations are being implemented successfully...
...we have a project called
Government Inaction
that has found that so far 11 of the 26 reforms have been violated.
we will carry on with our work.

Our project
Aman Tech
will help teach activists how to secure their activites online...

...it will include online tools, online training,video training and a comprehensive document.
We will continue with the
Stop the Shipment

...and continue with our OECD complaints against the South Korean government.
Since Bahrain Watch started in February 2012 the
government has...
...putting pressure on governments and arms companies selling tear gas to the Bahrain government...

...and one of our members made the
URL Revealer
app so that activists don't get caught out clicking malicious links.
We try to identify the weapons being used by the Bahrain government against their own citizens, and source the manufacturers in our project
Arms Watch...
... so far we have confirmed the use of:
Tear Gas
12 Gauge #2 and #8 Lead Birdshot
Rheinmetall MK-13 Flashbang Grenades
M4 Rifle
M16 Rifle
M113 Armored Personnel Carrier
Otokar Cobra Armored Vehicles
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