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Cultural Differences Lower Secondary

A Different Day

A Different Day

on 7 May 2013

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Transcript of Cultural Differences Lower Secondary

Cultural Differences Lower Secondary A Different Day What do you
by culture? Each one of us come from a country and therefore belong to an ethnic group. It means that, as a group, we share a culture - religion, skin colour, language, celebration of festivals, clothing, food type, rhythms, smells, music, etc.

All those elements are a very important part of who we are! Migration Culture Differences World Major Religions Judaism Buddhism Islam Christianity Hinduism Statistics guess
What is the number of... Festivals Main regions:
Western world' Sub-Saharan Africa,Philippines,and in
every country worldwide. Main regions:
South Asia, Bali, Mauritius, Fiji, Guyana,
Trinidad & Tabago,Suriname,
Indian communities, etc. Main region:
Israel and Jewish diaspora(North America,South America,Europe, Asia),etc. Main regions:
South Asia, East Asia,
Southeast Asia,Russia, etc. Main regions:
Middle East, Northern Africa,
Central Asia, South Asia,
Western Africa, etc. Countries in the world: between 196- 206! Languages around the world: 6.000 or 7.000! Religions around the world: 4.200! World religions and festivals Discussion References http://www.truetube.co.uk/film/bullies-and-beliefs

click on link and open new window http://www.truetube.co.uk/film/multicultural-london

click on link and then open new window What festivals do you celebrate? What is Human Migration? London is a city that has a diverse range of nationalities and cultures.

Living in a cosmopolitan city can foster the development of global awareness and understanding of other cultures. 1. Environmental (e.g., climate, natural disasters) Can you think of some of the reasons why people migrate? There are numerous types of festivals in the world. They can have religious origins, involve seasonal change or have some cultural significance or to mark some significant occasions in their history. -What are the advantages and disadvantages of living in a multicultural country? -Feelings of isolation

-Incidences of bullying

-Rebellious behavior and aggression

-Lack of consideration for the culture of others Consequences of cultural problems: In case you are under cultural pressure, it is helpful to have an open conversation with you family, a teacher, counselor or mental health professional about these issues! MIND YOUR Learn about others' cultures Be tolerant and respectful of other people's cultures. Oppose racism and cultural generalizations Understand the world doesn't end in your home village, town, city, state or country. Value each human life as you value your own. Have you ever been under
cultural pressure? http://www.teenzeen.org/teens-and-culture.html http://www.extension.org/sites/default/files/w/5/53/Diversity_Activities_for_Adults_and_Youths.pdf http://www.wikihow.com/Be-a-World-Citizen http://www.lanl.gov/orgs/pa/newsbulletin/2003/10/17/text02.shtml -How would you best welcome new students into the school community? 2. Political (e.g., war) 3. Economic (e.g., work) 4. Cultural (e.g., religious freedom, education) to diversity 3:00 2:00
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