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Marketing your Business Online

No description

John Nelmes

on 12 April 2017

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Transcript of Marketing your Business Online

John Nelmes
Marketing your Business Online
Your Website
Lesson 1:
Search Engine Optimisation
Lesson 6:
Social Media
Lesson 4:
Google Analytics
Lesson 9:
Social Media
Call to Action - Make sure you make it completely clear what a visitor to your website should do.
Lesson 2:
Keep your website clean, fresh and up to date! Try and put some new content on there a couple of times a month. Make sure it is easily readable.
Lesson 3:
Make sure your website is suitable for mobile devices!
Q: Which age range has the biggest growth in Social Media at the minute?
Answer - 55 - 60 year olds
Q: What is the average amount of time a person spends on social media per month?
Answer - 15 hours - 33 minutes per month, per person
Give people a reason to follow you on Social Media
Lesson 5:
Be careful of what you post......
At the height of the horse meat scandal:
Think about how customers would find you.
Lesson 7:
Keep an eye on your page rank... and your competitors.
Aim for here!
Lesson 8:
Keep your site updated!
Why update regularly?

Customers will only visit a website once if it is not updated
Customers will not trust you to keep your products and services up-to-date
Helps with your Page Rank and how high you appear on Google
Keeps customer informed of the latest news
How to keep a site updated:
Create a 'news' section
and keep it updated with your latest products & services, industry changes, client reviews etc
showing trade shows, local events, sales and promotions etc
Create and 'Events' page
Have an 'offer of the month'
'Buy 2, get one free' / 'Free trial' / 'Every 100 customer gets a discount'
Keep all info up to date
Make sure prices, descriptions, contact info are correct
Laser Eye surgery directory - last updated 2005
Three Rivers Stadium - last updated 1998
Free website Statistics
Use Google Analytics!
Lesson 10:
Do something about it!
Oil Spill Booms
First few bills came in at around £3000 per month:
Number of visitors to the website = good
Decided to pay for the keyword 'Boom' and target the Asian market
Checked Google Analytics:
Very high bounce rate = bad
No one looking at his products = bad
Did some research:
Use the statistics to make informed decisions
What does google know about
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