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Mentor Training

No description

Liz Russo

on 15 September 2012

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Transcript of Mentor Training

Hurst JH Mentoring Program The mission of the Hurst Junior High Mentor
Program is to provide at risk students
with a positive and consistent one-on-one
relationship with a caring adult Caring Unconditionally
Building self-esteem and self confidence
Motivation children to learn
Giving students chances for success
Giving students instant feedback
Serving as a role model
Becoming a student advocate
Providing consistency Why Schools Need Mentors 1,019 students
35% Hispanic
6% Asian
15% Black
1% Pacific Islander
39% White

31% At Risk
62% Economically Disadvantaged Do's
Arrive on time and consistently for each meeting
Contact parents
May bring lunch (not required)
Report needs or concerns
Must report abuse/suicide/hurting others
Meet in the library during your students lunch/advisory Don'ts
Never meet alone with your student
Don't suggest an outside of school relationship
Do not bring gifts
Do not push religious or political views (remain unbiased)
students may not leave campus
Do not lone students money 40 Developmental Assetts

Lola Nelson - Counselor HJH Logistics
Consistently meet with your student once a week
Be on time - Must report back to class on time
Make sure you contact the school in advance if you will not be here
Sign in the front office
Your meetings can be simply talking or tutoring

Student Needs

October 3rd Luncheon


Sign up Ideas:
Ask about school & grades
Ask about friends
Ask about family
Listen to frustrations
Help with assignments
Support students in band/choir/athletics/pep rallies
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