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Ugg central

No description

Jade Mollett

on 14 January 2015

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Transcript of Ugg central

Ugg central
created by: Kyla Dunn and Jade Mollett
If you were wondering, Ugg Central is located in Australia, Australia.
Also, from what was previously read, you should already know that the only people allowed in the colony is women and young women, NO BOYS OR MEN. If they are caught trespassing they will suffer various consequences.
Location and People
The religion practiced there is Christianity. The females believe that the lord will protect them from such crimes and men that behave as monsters. The way these women survive does not require ruining anyone's life with slavery. They simply create a beautifully designed boot and sell it to certain children to make money. They only sell to certain children because all women wear these boots to represent the fact that they are joioned in with Ugg Central
Religion and Economy
Daily life for a citizen can sometimes be rough, there is always that one person that doesn't get the job done and causes economy to fail. But other than that, their lives are pretty much perfect. This colony is ran by a monarchy government meaning one reigns, usually a king or queen. But usually one of the founders family members get that position.
Daily Life and Government
Ugg Central was founded by two females by the names JADE MOLLETT and KYLA DUNN on January 5th, 1789. This colony created because the two girls were tired of seeing other females being disrespected, mistreated and forced to do things no one wanted to do. So they set out and relocated to a totally different environment, where the climate was nice.
Ugg Central
In conclusion, if you are a woman and you feel like your unwanted by anyone. (YOUR MAN). Feel free to visit Ugg Central and tell us your story !
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