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German Imperial Power- Colonization of Africa

No description

Taylor Der

on 19 February 2016

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Transcript of German Imperial Power- Colonization of Africa

East Africa
German South-West Africa
German Imperial Power- Colonization of Africa
1868 Kamerun
European countries were seeking new land and looking to gain wealth.

Germany acquired four colonies.

The colonies were lost in 1920 due to the Treaty of Versailles.
1. Age of Discovery
: Germany was greatly involved during the Age of Discovery. They were part of this major timeline to European history and the colonization of Africa took place during this period.
2. Assimilation:
When Germany decided to colonize certain areas of Africa, the people were assimilated, meaning their culture was taken away. They were converted, and had to change their beliefs.
3. Colonization:
Certain areas of Africa faced colonization during the age of exploration
4. Colony:
Germany colonized places in Africa making them into a German Colony.
5. historical globalization:
Colonization is a part of globalization as Germany went to a different part of the world and started businesses there.
6. Cultural contact:
Cultural contact most likely happened during the colonization of Africa, as it would not be possible for the cultures to avoid each other

This connects to our topic because, when Germany took over four colonies in Africa, they gained wealth and power from these colonies.

8.Empire Building:
Germany is building its empire to become equal (in power) with France and Britain.
9. Ethnocentrism:
Germans may have been ethnocentric
10. Eurocentrism:
Germany is part of Europe.
11. Geopolitics:
This connects to or topic because it is about the decision made by Germany to increase its power by colonizing Africa.
12. Imperial Power:
The Germans gained imperial power in Africa.
13. European Imperialism
: European Imperialism connects to our group topic because, Germany was an imperial power that colonized land in Africa.
14. Justifying Colonialism
German Imperial power, took over pieces of land in Africa, and controlled them.
15. Legacies of Historical Globalization
: Legacies of Historical Globalization connects to the group topic because colonization of Africa by Germany is Historical Globalization.
16. Market for their goods
: a lively exchange took place between Europeans and African states, such as the Sokoto Caliphate in western Africa and Egypt and Ethiopia in northeast Africa. They traded manufactured goods for gold, ivory, palm oil. Trading needs a platform, so markets were created.
17. Mercantilism
: Europeans and African states traded goods like ivory and gold, the gold was worth a lot making european monarchs rich.
18.Method(s) of Control: protectorate, colony, sphere of influence, and/or economic imperialism
: This connects with the group topic because there was a method of control over the land Germany colonized, the method of protectorate was used to control and rule the colonized land.
19. Monarchy:
No relation because there wasn’t normally one singular ruler like a king or a queen.
20. Nationalism:
The relation to this topic is that Germany was a country that was working independently and was trying to have more benefits by working alone.
21. Negative Impact of Imperialism:
Negative impacts of imperialism would be that disease is carried over by the British,demands of food were to high leading to a famine, high paying jobs were being filled up by the British and there would be feuds with the natives of Togoland and the British.
22. Old Imperialism or New Imperialism:
Old imperialism is when it occurred between the time of 16th century to the 18th century. Other countries would use military force on Asia and Africa to take control of the government. The Europeans did this because Asia and Africa had raw natural goods that Europe was lacking in. It relates to our topic because this is about the time period our even happened.
23. Paternalism:
This connect to the group topic because the Germans aren’t letting the people of Togoland have free speech and are dictating them.
24. Positive Impact of Imperialism:
education was being improved, more sanitary ways were being introduced, hospitals, schools and factories were being made and created more jobs for them, average life expectancy increased, and economic expansion occurred
25. Raw materials:
Africa has an immense amount of raw goods to try and spark a financial boom in Europe. These goods were also important because the Industrial Revolution was making progress
26. Resistance:
1907-1915 there was an african resistance in Germany
27. Slavery:
Europeans including germans used cheap african labor to harvest the raw goods for the benefit of the europeans.
28. Social Darwinism:
The Germans and Europeans that made colonies in Africa went there because there was new advances in medicine that would allow them to better survive malaria and yellow fever

German Colonization of Africa
Germans seeking new colonies
Those that had their land colonized were greatly involved and impacted
Colonization of certain areas in Africa
There were four German colonies: German East Africa), Togoland, Kameruun, and German Southwest Africa
During the Age of Discovery
The Age of Discovery ended in the 18th century
The want for wealth and power for Germany
German South-west Africa
German East Africa
Germany arrived in Africa and colonized certain areas

Effect: Cultural contact, assimilation, and eventually the loss of the colony
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And they consider it
By definition upon printed ink
Men with quills curled in hands
Spilling lies to the crowd of a dozen
Forgetting weapons upon stolen land
Belonging only
To strangers
They consider
“Extended power”
By all means of effort
Stretched definition through bleeding hands
In the century which progressed
A time of Exploration
An age for power
The wound only grew upon our palms
The strangers were only figures
Their outlines drawn in by quill pen
By the time the wind blew
Upon the ink
The strangers appeared to surface
A rejoice of recollection
Written By: Amrita Kommalur
By: Amrita K, Bisma T, Kayla L, Sydney T, Taylor D.
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