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USP of DPO uniform Company

No description

Tram Phan

on 22 July 2013

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Transcript of USP of DPO uniform Company

DPO has always given the best services to bring satisfaction, trust for customers for building a good and friendly relationships.
UniTour project & DPO talk, 2 free training programs are gifts from DPO to the student community.
- Bring students an environment to experience, learn and develop business skills.
To apply for joining club:
- Will be interviewed several times
- Be trained business skills in 2 months
New business strategy of DPO uniform Company

Pham Phuong Lan


Phan Thi Ngoc Tram

I8 Intensive

Introduction about DPO uniform Company
The establishment
Over 4 years, 3 young founders built DPO uniform Company step by step, both doing business and learning at the same time.

Now DPO is having nearly 200 members who are young students of universities in Hanoi.
DPO became one of the leading brands in the uniform manufacturing field.

Until September 2012, DPO achieved some good accomplishments:
- More than 52.000 students at universities, colleges and high
schools across Vietnam wore DPO’s products.
- Over 14.000 office staffs used DPO’s uniforms.
Development process
Target of DPO
Business training courses – the USP of DPO
UniTour & DPO talk
Main purposes
UniTour & DPO talk
Moments of
DPO uniform Company


A training session
DPO (dongphuc.org) was set up on February 2009 by 3 third - year students who learnt in 3 big universities in Hanoi:
- Hanoi University of Science and Technology
- Posts & Telecoms Institute of Technology
- Academy of Finance

These students desired to improve knowledge, experiences, skills and relationships for their future.
Customers are friends
Speakers accompany UniTour project are experts in marketing and strategic consulting.

UniTour & DPO talk are normal talks,
exchanges and sharing of successful
seniors, inspire the next
generations, help them have
enough business knowledge.
UniTour & DPO talk
- Create opportunities for collaborators can always join various positions.

Practice makes perfect
DPOers are quite friendly, always listen and consult clients by heart during process of designing clothes, handle situations fast.
That is a big effort of DPO Company in developing Customer Service.
DPO's members welcome Nick Vujicic
- Helping everyone in club: senior members help junior members, people have many experiences train newbies...
Thank you for listening!
1000th Thang Long -Hanoi anniversary
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