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The House (124) as a Significant Character in "Beloved"

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Jessica Newgas

on 13 January 2014

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Transcript of The House (124) as a Significant Character in "Beloved"

The Significance of 124
124 as a "character"
Not just an inanimate object
The house has purpose in the novel, like a live character
Viewed by many as alive
The use of personification- what is the relevance?
The Theme of Possession
Beloved possessed the house
Three women's connected spirits seem to possess the house
Spirits of past slaves possess the house.
The Theme of Entrapment
False sense of freedom?
Denver seems trapped in 124
Does the house have a side- white or black?
Does this belief fit in with the novel?
Whose self does the house represent?
Perhaps the house represents many selves who are connected by one thing-
The House (124) as a Significant Character in "Beloved"
Why use personification?
"124 was spiteful"
"screaming back at the screaming house"
"124 was loud. Stamp Paid could hear it even from the road."
"She would have to leave the yard; step off the edge of the world"
"regarding it, as she always did, as a person rather than a structure."
Do part of the characters or part of the "Sixty Million and more" exist within the house?
The House as a Representation of the Self in Dreams
"Walking through it a wave of grief soaked him so thoroughly he wanted to cry."
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