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No description

Kaycie Peck

on 26 August 2014

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Transcript of STILL LIFE

can an object represent you?
list the top 10 items you use on a daily basis.
what might that say about you?
list your top 10 FAVORITE items.
now what does that say about you?
what type of person would you guess to be from these items?
your challenge:
to create & draw your own still life of 1-3 objects
that represent who you are.
-at least 5 values
(so no outlines...)
-objects must be real, preferably brought to school, but not photos
-the drawing must have good composition
rule of thirds
space & simplicity
rule of odds
the process:
1. list the 10 items you use most each day
2. list the 5-10 items most meaningful to you
3. list the 5-10 words that describe you:
(topics you're interested in, personality trait, etc.)
4. Whittle the words down to 1-3 objects that describe you. BRING IN TOMORROW (friday!!)
5. Take a nice photo with highlights & shadows with a spotlight (ON FRIDAY)
6. Draw a grid over your photo and drawing paper to draw more accurately
7. Use those drawing pencils to shade away!
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