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What is Reading?

Exploring the Common Core and NWEA standards for 5th grade readers

Christine Murphy

on 16 November 2012

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Transcript of What is Reading?

is just the tip of the iceberg... Independent Reading The NWEA strands (or buckets) for Reading When we read, we have to use different strategies and be prepared for different things like:

- Word Analysis and Vocabulary Skills
- Comprehension Strategies
- Literary Elements and techniques
- Variety of Literary Works Let's look at each of these separately - Do you build your vocabulary by using new words? Strengths and Targets Your strengths and targets are unique... Just like you! - Can you word attack a word into the parts that make it up? - Do you know how to find the meaning of new words? Vocabulary Skills and Word Analysis Reading Strategies and Comprehension
Literary Elements and Techniques Variety of Literary Works Practice every day and you are sure to grow! Do you use strategies from our CAFE wall?
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