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Diana Mitroshkina

on 2 March 2010

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Transcript of 1

“The Analysis and Actuality of Using Phrasal Verbs in Modern English.” Riga Secondary School Nr. 10 The Project Work
The Student:
Diana Mitroshkina
Form 11.B

The Tutor:
English language teacher
Galina Komarova Riga, 2010 Aims & Objectives Find out if using Phrasal Verbs is actual in Modern English

Get more information about Phrasal Verbs in Modern English

To acquaint pupils with English language particularity and show if Phrasal Verbs are widely used nowadays

The Structure Introduction & Main Body


Introduction & Main Body Phrasal Verbs Analysis Verb + Preposition Verb + Adverb
Verb + Preposition + Adverb
Particle Verbs
Prepositional Verbs
Phrasal - Prepositional Verbs Chosen Verbs
Look for Look up
Look down

Look over Look in
Look round Look at
Look through Look into
Look to Look after Look back Look on Phrasal Verbs with LOOK "Billy looks for Grandma" (Page 2)
Look for = to search / try to find Grandma The book chosen for analysis by Lee Hall
In total:
repeating phrasal verbs with chosen pattern verbs
Conclusion Phrasal Verbs remain to be irreplaceable part of the English language
Phrasal Verbs are used very often and it is seen that they cannot be effectively replaced with other expressions
Phrasal Verbs are a very outstanding language speciality even nowadays
The aims are achieved "We look after them" "The driver got off to a lying start" "He looked up"
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