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Phineas Gage

No description

Madeleine Boyd

on 4 December 2013

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Transcript of Phineas Gage

Phineas Gage
A Gruesome But True Story About Brain Science

Event 1
A Horrible Accident in Vermont
Phineas Gage, a kind and reliable railroad worker gets a thirteen foot tamping iron, used on the railroad, stuck in his head. This happened when gunpowder exploded from an unexpected spark hit it sending the metal rod though his brain.
Event 2
Phineas Survives but is Changed
He rapidly recovers but is changed as an individual. His friends and family notice that he is rude and obnoxious unlike his former self. He is no long treated with respect from his peers because he does not respect them.
Event 3
Living Exibit at P. T. Barnum's American Museum
Phineas arrives at P.T. Barnum's and displays himself as "the only living man with a hole in his head." He was one of the most popular exhibit on the museum. He would should people the thin layer of skin covering his brain.

Event 4
Phineas Gage Heads to Chile
During August of 1852 phineas left his home to become a stagecoach driver in Chile. He had a love for horses. The stagecoach he drove was huge, it was pulled by six horses and could carry over eleven passengers. His route was in between Valparaiso and Santiago. He drove this massive vehicle until 1859.
Event 5
A Tragic Death in California
On May 21, 1860 Phineas Gage passed away after having multiple seizures. He most likely died from hypothermia.
Suggestions for John Fleischman
Suggestion #1
Try not to drag on about one topic.
Suggestion #2
Appeal to the reader, add some pizazz!!!
Compliment #1
The pictures really helped us understand and visualize the book.
Do we recommend Phineas Gage?
We don't recommend this book to anyone. Only people that have an interest in phrenology and brain science. If you don't have a stomach this is NOT the book for you.
Created By:
John, Olivia, and Maddie
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