The Internet belongs to everyone. Let’s keep it that way.

Protect Net Neutrality
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Internet Privacy

No description

Anders Brockway

on 26 September 2013

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Transcript of Internet Privacy

Internet Privacy
Multiplayer chats can have vulgar and sensitive language whitch may be a concern for younger players. Minecraft also has a problem with adversisement sometimes people get on a random server and advertise their youtube channel, malicious downloads and inmature websites. You can accidentally give away private information about yourself to random people over the internet too.
It is rare but it is possible for people to steal your account not letting you to use it. people can find your personal information on mojang's server if the break into it. Also this will ruin your gameplay efforts. Minecraft terms and conditions explaining privacy problem related to the game
Minecraft has many pirated versions some of which can have malware and viruses. Many people download mods and texture packs which may also have the same problem. Although many downloads related around minecraft has no problems at all and you shouldn't be worried. But their are so many there are a few bad downloads. Sometimes also the downloads will want you to fill out a survey and enter private info. These downloads are fine but you have to give sensitive info to find them
Minecraft is a fairly safe game to play if you play singleplayer, block out the chat and make sure to only download legit content. Minecraft developer twitter news
Minecraft Develper, jeb commenting on privacy concerns.

Minecraft review and content list. minecraft terms and conditions
Internet privacy about the game minecraft.
Minecraft has problems with vulgar chat, client side hacking and Mojang storing personal information.
the terms and conditions of buying minecraft.

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