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Period 4

Daisjia Linton

on 8 October 2010

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Transcript of Maryland

Maryland!* WHY SHOULD YOU MOVE HERE?* By: Monica H and Dasijia L!* INTERSING FACTS!* Religious freedom
The first of the Proprietary Government
Nice farm land good for corn wheat and rice and you can make a good lifestyle off of farming A map of Colonial Maryland!* Maryland was founded by Lord Baltiomre "Cecilius Calvert" in 1633!*
The benifits!* Maryland became a state on April 28th, 1788!* Logo!* Fertile soil perfect for growing corn, wheat, rice, indigo.
Climate: 4 seaons
Low cost rate to live in Marylnad
Moto!* Maryland has Merry Land great for growing all kinds crops!* Maryland was named for Queen Henrietta Maria Endorsement!* Dear future cononist of Maryland,
After living in Maryland since the begging of the Colony i can assure you it is a perfect place to live. I can assure you that you will make a wonderful living off of farming. You would be ableb to grow foods for you and to sell. The best part of it all is the freedom of Religion and your goverment are fellow colonist. So this is the best choice belive me.
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