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Twenty One Pilots

No description

Melanie Hernandez

on 16 December 2013

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Transcript of Twenty One Pilots

Twenty One Pilots
Tyler Joseph was born on September 14, 1989, making him 24 years old. Josh Dun was born in the same year on June 18. Apparently they don't like to share personal stuff like height, so their height is currently unknown.
Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun in:
A prezi presentation by: Melanie Hernandez
Both of them were born in Columbus Ohio,
and they live there, too.
They are both single
and have no children
For four consecutive years, Tyler Joseph has been playing alternative indie with two other former members. Two years into it, the two others 'quit' and then came Josh Dun. Josh and Tyler have been playing together for the last two years.
Thanks to their extremely awesome record label, Fueled by Ramen, they've made 3 CDs, and their most popular one was called 'Vessel', along with the songs 'House of gold', 'Ode to Sleep', and 'Migraine'.
After playing a sold out show, it attracted the attention of many record labels and people. They then signed with their record label, and got bigger and bigger.
They've performed in Newport Music Hall, Allphones Arena, and Perth Arena.
They did not go to college.
Josh Dun also plays drum and tambourine and Tyler Joseph plays the ukulele.
I like them because they are different and no matter how famous they've gotten they always talk about themselves as "Two Regular Guys" who just got lucky. I also like the style of music that they make and how they don't abuse their fame.
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