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Mier Expedition

No description

Phoebe Bair

on 4 February 2013

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Transcript of Mier Expedition

The Mier Expedition by Phoebe Bair Who was involved? Alexander Somervell- leader of the Somervell expedition

William S. Fisher- leader of the Mier expedition

Antonio López de Santa Anna - president of Mexico at the time what happened? Where was this? Why did this happen? The Mier expedition was a expedition that developed from the Somervell expedition. The Somervell expedition was a group of men trying to capture and plunder Mexican towns, but when it failed, the troops were ordered to return home. Unfortunately, the majority of them didn't want to. They started their own expedition, called the Mier expedition, which was led by William S. Fisher. These troops wanted to continue attacks on Mexican settlements. They were found and taken as prisoners. Several of those men were shot and killed. This took place mostly along the border of Mexico and the Republic of Texas, and the towns surrounding it. Texas had declared independence, but Mexico still insisted it was part of Mexico, so the two countries were constantly fighting. As for why the men idn't retreat back home, some wanted adventure or revenge, but they all were opposed to Houston. THE END. :):):):):):):)
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