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P.A.C.E. Final Project

By: Hannah Freeman and Mia Norfleet

Hannah Freeman

on 29 May 2013

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Transcript of P.A.C.E. Final Project

Teacher Hannah Norfleet She can look at something, understand it, then teach it. Student Assistant-Cy Fair ISD- 2012-2013
Camp Counselor-Luherhill Miniseries- Summer of 09,10,11,12 Work Experience Program of Study: Education
Career Electives: Principles/Practicum of Education and Training
College: Southwestern
Degree: Bachelors in Education
Required GPA: Top 10% of class I will work out for 20 min. a day for a month. Short Term Goal She has helped many students choose their career path. How have they changed society? Visual Hannah Freeman and Mia Norfleet Gold
She Has to be organized and she needs a sense of structure. Left Brained
She uses her logical Brain to solve problems and make others understand what she teaches. 1516 Mia Freeman Lane Cypress, Texas 77429 Phone: 281-543-4430
Email: hannah.norfleet@sbcglobal.net Objective:
I will become a high school teacher within the 2nd year of being out of college. Education:
Bachelor-2013-Southwestern-Major in Education
High School Diploma-2009-Cy Creek High School
Related Course Work:
Principles of Education and Training
Practicum in Education and Training Skills+ Abilities Works well with others
Team Player
Self Driven
Can Drive REFRENCES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Michelle Cao
Former Boss
11603 Erica Lane Houston, Texas 77070
michelle.cao@sbcglobal.net Henry Trinh
18923 Joshua Marcelo Drive Houston, Texas 77070
henry.trinh@sbcglobal.net Jennifer Mcbride
9815 Grant Road Houston, Texas 77070
jennifer.mcbride@cfisd.net Short Term Goal:
I wil become a teacher in the first 2 years of being out of college.
Application, Interview, Teacher Test Long Term Goal
I will teach for 10 years and then become a principal.
Teaching Hours, College Degree, Job Openings, Application Personal Goals Obstacles Time Management, Dehydration, Motivation Long Term Goal:
I will eat healthier meals and only eat two sweets per week.
Time Management, Cravings Role Model: Ms. Mcbride! Bachelors Degree
Masters Degree
15 years of Teaching
Teaches P.A.C.E. She teaches P.A.C.E. and helps students decide their future. Academic Goals
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