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Unitary & Federal Constitutions

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Andrew Wilson

on 13 October 2016

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Transcript of Unitary & Federal Constitutions

Unitary & Federal Constitutions
Unitary - ultimate political power resides in 1 location. This is at the centre. It is possible that some power may be distributed to regions and local government, but this is not the same as sovereignty. In a unitary constitutional arrangement, the central power can overrule all other bodies and has the right to restore political power to itself.
2 types of Constitution...
Federal Constitution - Sovereignty is divided between central bodies and regional institutions. Such constitutions normally arise when a number of sovereign states come together and agree to surrender some, but not all, of their sovereignty to a central authority.
The other type...
The UK has a unitary constitutional arrangement

Some claim it is a quasi federation due to devolution
Some powers have been given to the devolved Parliaments and Assemblies...
BUT - not legally entrenched (politically entrenched but not legally)...the UK is NOT a federal system...it is a unitary one!
The UK...
The US - the most famous federal system...
Both are pretty popular...
Research Based Task...
Find the constitutions of the following countries online:
For each find out the following:
3 powers enjoyed by the president, who has these powers in the UK?
The make-up of both houses of the legislature. How are these different from the UK?
2 are federal systems. For those 2 establish the powers reserved for the individual states/Lander and 2 powers enjoyed by the federal government - you must be able to identify where in the constitution this power comes from!
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