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Being Socially Acceptable

No description

Eric Bellmore

on 6 July 2016

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Transcript of Being Socially Acceptable

A little about myself, the CMU Libraries and where this all started.

I'm that guy....
Who's a marketer?
Marketing Committee early days
Lack of consistency, no brand identity
Lots of work being done - no organization to it
We needed a super hero...who was a graphic designer by day
We had....

No one brand for the library
No consistency with CMU's brand
Lots of pieces being produced by lots of hands
Bookmarks, flyers, posters, splash screens - they all need to be consistent.
Branding (no hot irons please!)
Social Media

We had accounts but nobody used it
No coordination, no plan, #AintNobodyGotTimeForThat
Changed the approach, channel mgrs and plans
Monitor hashtags and trends
Reach out and have fun.
Use images where possible
Don't feed the trolls!
It's not all about likes & followers
We wanted something that tied everything together.

Start with the university brand and guidelines
Simon Says....
Not what, why.
YouTube - we need videos...but what videos?
Out of the ashes....
Beginning steps towards a brand
Being Socially Acceptable
Social Media, Library Ambassadors and Marketing @CMU_Libraries
We had always done lots of print...

Now we incorporate the common thread
Connecting, collaborating, succeeding!
Where does your academic success start? Here!
The Library is where YOU are!
Flyers, banners, vinyl, floor graphics, posters, candy wrappers.
Reusing our graphics across mediums

Sliders on our homepage
Imagery re-used in social media
Digital message boards in our corridor
Custom emails
Email signatures
Once upon a time at a blood drive...

Volunteer students who carry the message for us
Man tables, walk in the homecoming parade, hand out candy, help with events
Giving presentations
Reaching their peers in ways we can't
Bringing us back ideas and feedback
Aligning with Campus Ambassadors
Library Ambassadors
Eric Bellmore, Manager of Web Services for CMU Libraries
User eXperience

Test, implement, evaluate, lather, rinse, repeat
Portions of website, apps, navigation etc.
Rocket Surgery & Don't Make Me Think (Krug)
Physical space UX
Phone/Ipad/GoPro & instructions
Helped consolidate touch points
Helped wayfinding
Point of need for hours & available now ipads
Consolidation of printers
Who's it all about? The Users!
Our Story

Students have been engaging with us more
Social Media engagements are up
Survey results were promising
Ambassador surveys were EXTREMELY positive
We are getting buy in from staff & students beyond the marketing group
How is it going?
Making it work for you

Do you have the right people on board?
EVERYONE is in marketing - make sure they are on brand and the message is consistent
Identify people who will own it
What is the purpose and plan?
What works at your place?
Don't have staff for 6 accounts? Don't do it!
What does your audience use?
Connect with your campus & community
Make it fun for everyone!
Putting it together
Tell a story - be ready to rewrite the ending

UX is huge in any medium, change is incremental but cyclical!
Be prepared to be wrong
Lay out an overarching plan for all mediums
Start by doing the needful and picking off low hanging fruit - build momentum
Empower your change agents
Utilize your own student employees for sounding boards
Be open to change
What, How, Why
Putting it together
Design gone wrong...
What is this trying to convey?
What is this supposed to make me feel?
How does this help me, the student?
What is the message we want
them to take away and why would they seek us out? If this leaves an impression - what is it?

Golden Circle - Simon Sinek
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