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an analysis unemployment in Egypt

No description

on 8 May 2014

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Transcript of an analysis unemployment in Egypt

Increased population
Educational disparity
wast of resources

Unemployment is deemed as one of the most challenging and retrograde social-economic problems in the world.
Waste of resources whether they are human or not as a result of irresponsible planning. Due to the mismatch between demand and supply
Many natural resources are left unused contributing to the rise of unemployment rate. If those area where used to build factories, farming lands, or even mines, many of the unemployed would have been employed
1.what is unemployment
4.My solutions
An analysis unemployment in Egypt
what is unemployment ?
Educational disparity and lack of skills are one of the major reasons for unemployment.
Unfortunately, there is an emphasis in Egypt on the importance of getting high marks at any cost
Effect :
Solution :
First solution to overpopulation is to check population growth. Vacant jobs will not be available if the population kept on rising so the government must introduce family planning campaigns to so people must be educated on the effect of the rising population on the economy.
Unemployment is an increase in population often leading to gradual rise of unemployment rate.

Effect :
The effect is that the government will not be able the rising number of its citizens so it will decrease the minimum wages, commodities, and will raise the prices of food, rent, and electricity. Another effect is crime and violence
Solution :
Causes :
Solution :
My solution :
Second solution :
My solutions
what is unemployment ?
Made By : Khaled sayed
Please 15 %

The education of our country should be job-oriented so it should teach students the skills and knowledge essential to the various jobs and not what they don’t. It must make students self-dependent and enhance their creativity, personal growth, and development instead of their memorizing skills
Third solution :
There are a lot of possible solutions to decrease the unemployment rate.one solution is to re-innovate and invigorate the textile business.Another solution is desert reclamation. Reclaiming Egypt's desert lands, which cover about 96 percent of the nation's region , should be a mission by the government
Increase the minimum wage of workers and by this method they could attract more workers as the new increased wage may satisfy their needs.
one of the previous solutions was to focus on education by introducing a frame work which embraces the magnitude of educational disparity by implementing early child hood educations then on and acknowledging the detrimental effects of poverty on educational behavior, achievement, and attainment and trying to alleviate the financial stress
previous solution was to invest in renewable energy in the hope of using our human resources in factories .however, this gradually resulted in increases of human workers as it was more efficient to use machines
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