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Who is Nan Goldin ?

No description

Talia johns

on 5 July 2013

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Transcript of Who is Nan Goldin ?

Who is Nan Goldin ?
To put it into the simplest terms, Nan Goldin is a female photographer.
Early Life
Becoming an Artist
In 1979, she presented her first slide show in a New York nightclub. Her richly colored, snapshot like photographs were soon heralded as a groundbreaking contribution to fine art photography. She named this show "The Ballad of Sexual Dependency" and it eventually grew into a forty-five-minute multimedia presentation of more than 900 photographs, accompanied by a musical soundtrack.
Why Photography ?
In an interview with Adam Mazur and Paulina Skirgajllo-Krajewska, Nan Goldin was asked why she became a photographer. She responded by saying : "It is about keeping a record of the lives I lost, so they cannot be completely obliterated from memory. My work is mostly about memory. It is very important to me that everybody that I have been close to in my life I make photographs of them.... pictures are not about statistics, about showing people die, but it is all about individual lives...."
In conclusion, Nan Goldin is an artist, photographer, Storyteller, and an inspiration.
But, by looking at some of her photography, I realized that Nan Goldin is much more than that.
Nancy ''Nan" Goldin was born on September 12, 1953, in Washington, D.C.
But, she was raised in Boston, Massachusetts.
In her teens, Nan attended the Satya Community School in Lincoln, Massachusetts. This is where she first became inspired to become a photographer.
In the same interview , Nan described her work by saying, "It is very political. First, it is about gender politics. It is about what it is to be male, what it is to be female...... "
In my opinion, Nan Goldin captured individuals while they were experiencing extreme emotions . Her photos are dramatic and they tell stories.
and Vulnerability is captured in many of her pictures.

This is one of my favorite Nan Goldin pictures. It's called "Gina at Bruce's Dinner Party". The first thing that caught my attention was the colors. I like how this picture is somewhat colorful. But, at the same time, the colors don't conflict with the melancholy mood of the picture.
This also one of my favorite Nan Goldin pictures. It's called "Joanna Laughing". I like this picture because I can't tell whether Joanna is laughing because she is overwhelmingly happy or extremely insane.
"Joanna Laughing " & "Gina at Bruce's Dinner Party"
The mood of this picture was somber and melancholy. Although there were many colors in this picture,the subject(Gina) seemed sad and indifferent.
Both of these pictures had subjects who portrayed dramatic emotions.
This picture is much more dramatic than "Gina at Bruce's Dinner Party", even though it doesn't have as much color. Joanna's expression made up for the dark background and lack of color.
Good or Bad ?
I think that Nan Goldin's photography is very good. It intrigues me.I like the way each picture tells a story from her perspective. But, at the same time, you can analyze it and contemplate what it means to you.
Yes, photography saved my life. Every time I go through something scary, traumatic, I survive by taking pictures.

- Nan Goldin
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