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SKIN.U.LOVE Dermatology Clinic

No description

Reymark San Pedro

on 25 February 2014

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Transcript of SKIN.U.LOVE Dermatology Clinic

This is where the marketing plan for SKIN.U.LOVE Dermatology Clinic enters. This has been created to secure additional funding for growth and to inform employees of the business current status and direction. Skin U Love was launched 2 years ago, as research shows that the target market of health and beauty-minded consumers would like to try new trend of aesthetics than current business offers. This marketing plan also aims to provide information of various ways of promoting the business to the public.

SKIN.U.LOVE’s mission is to help you keep your skin healthy and looking best for life by providing a range of top quality medical and cosmetic dermatological services that will surely make you love your skin.


SKIN.U.LOVE aims increase public awareness by 40% in year 2014 through the use of multiple promotional strategies.

- The Asian Tropics Center for Aesthetic Wellness
- Casa Derma Skin
- Asian Hospital and Medical Centre
- Tricosmedx
- Tanglao's Clinica Dermatologica QC
- Lozano Dermatology Skin Wellness Cente
SKIN.U.LOVE Dermatology Clinic
1. Product/Service Strategy
• To provide safe and excellent patient care, to promote exclusivity which leads to our intimacy with them, each patient should be treated with highest compassion and like a family.
• To provide products that confidently makes the customer’s skin not only beautiful but also healthy.

• Core – Healthy And Beautiful Skin
• Formal – Qualified Doctors and Nurses, Medical Instruments, Quality Products.
• Augmented – Satisfaction, Ambiance, Results

2. Pricing Strategy – Market Penetration

3. Place/Location Strategy - Competitive Area – Near Target

SKIN.U.LOVE is a dermatology clinic located in 84 Mother Ignacia Avenue, Quezon City. The team behind this clinic is primarily composed of highly trained certified physicians and nurses, as well as courteous and very accommodating staff. It is being led by Dr. Dulce Dela Cruz-Larga, a medical and cosmetic dermatologist, and also an expert in the treatment of acne and acne scars. .
The doctors and nurses of SKIN.U.LOVE practice personalized approach to skincare. The business is committed to provide safe and excellent patient care with the highest levels of compassion, competence and professionalism.

The target market for Skin U Love is active consumers between the age of 18 and 55, people who are health conscious. These active consumers represent a demographic group of well educated and successful individuals; they are single or married and raising their families. Household incomes generally ranged between P40,000 and P100,000 annually. Despite their comfortable incomes, these consumers are price conscious and consistently seek value in their purchase. Regardless of their age (whether they fall at the upper or lower end of the target range) they lead active lifestyle. They are somewhat status oriented but not overly so. They like to be associated with high-quality products but are not willing to pay a premium price for a certain brand.
SKIN.U.LOVE seeks to leave its target customers a memorable experience by achieving a competitive advantage in which competitors cannot easily provide. In its two-year operations, the business has already left a mark in the aesthetic beauty industry by developing core competencies in the two following areas:

1. Service
The first thing that the business really boasts is their high-end quality service that totally gives customers the right satisfaction they needed.

2. Price
As compared to its competitors, the price offered by SKIN.U.LOVE is relatively lower, given that the services rendered are of top quality.
• Offers a fine range of quality class products and services
• Offers affordable quality treatment
• Keeps track of the latest medical and cosmetic practices.

• Target mostly on the affluent portion of the market
• Lacks promotional strategies
• Lack of resources

• More ways to beautify a person are being discovered
• Advancement in technology that improve products and services to a higher quality and affordable price

• "Natural ways" of beautifying yourself
• Decrease consumer spending and people settling for less
• Promotes a culture of narcissism
• Direct competitors offer more affordable prices
• Indirect competitors are using affordable promos and strategic locations

4. Promotional Strategy – We will promote the business by means of:

1. Enhance Sales Promos
-Discount Coupons
-Loyalty Cards Vouchers
-Website Updates, make good use of social networking sites.
-Billboards and Flyers
-In-Season Promo’s
2. Information Outbreak
• Tie-ups with establishments and social events if possible.
• Advertise To Magazines and E-Magazines.
• Promos or any other Information that must be shared should be posted on a Facebook Fan Page and other Social Networking Sites.

5. Positioning Strategy – “Healthy Skin For Life”
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