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Peace, Locomotion

Book Project

kenna Lawrence

on 18 December 2012

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Transcript of Peace, Locomotion

Peace, Locomotion Setting:
In Brooklyn, NY
Miss. Edna's House
His school Characters:
Miss. Edna
Mrs. Cooper
Clyde In the story, Lonnie suffers from multiple conflicts and problems.One of the main problems Lonnie suffers from throughout the book is that he is separated from his younger sister, Lili. He also is discouraged by his old teacher, Mrs. Cooper that he is not a good poet. He also worries about Rodney at war, his friend Eric and his math skills. Conflicts Jenkins is not dead but he has lost his leg. Jenkins has come home and has to be in a wheel chair for the time being. Miss Edna is now happy and satisfied that Jenkins is alive and a part of their lives again. Lonnie is also happy because he has seen his sister, Lili. Solutions Theme The Theme of the book was peace and friendship because Lonnie was very close to his former family and his sister. Also, he was very close to his friends. Lonnie and his foster family all wanted the world to have peace.
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