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The Lolita Look

No description

Amber Watson

on 13 December 2013

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Transcript of The Lolita Look

Amber Watson
Multimedia Writing and Rhetoric
Dr. Erin Dietel McLaughlin
9 December 2013

The Lolita look refers to the sexual portrayals of young girls as willing sexual partners.

By integrating the Lolita look in fashion advertisements, advertisers fetishize a young girl’s innocence and appeal to the male’s pedophilic fantasy of a sexual young girl.

“You want to know what comes between me and my Calvins? Nothing."
The Lolita Look

“My mother warned me about boys like you. Mama said he’s only interested in my Calvins."
The Lolita Effect is a group of myths that work together to undermine females and their sexuality by creating unrealistic ideals.
The first myth:
“The younger a girl is, the sexier she is.”
The Second Myth:
“Young girls are highly sexualized beings, ready to cater the whims of men” because they are docile and passive.
The advertised childlike beauty is unattainable, but with the right products,
women believe they can closely achieve it.
Prostitots is a crude combination of the words prostitutes and toddlers. Prostitots refer to little girls who dresses suggestively or provocatively with short skirts and tight, low cut shirts.
The second myth never addresses that a woman participates in sex to satisfy her own sexual needs, only to satisfy a male's sexual desires. By doing so, she no longer controls her own sexuality.
Change the media landscape
"We may or may not be the ones exploiting youngsters, but every time we make a purchase, we open our front doors to those who do, and happily points them in the direction of the basement."
By becoming media literate, females would be able to critically analyze media messages by understanding the certain rhetorical strategies used in advertisements.

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