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Travel and Transport

No description

Coleslaw Frosty

on 18 November 2016

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Transcript of Travel and Transport

Travel and Transport
Ancient Egypt Boats
Up and Down the River
Travel by Land
Boats were the most popular form of transport in Ancient Egypt. Some the most popular boat types were reed boats and barges.
Sailing up and down the river was a breeze–"pun intended." Going south was a breeze because the wind was blowing south. Going north they put their sails down so they didn't get carried south when they wanted to go north. The current carried them north.
Poor people traveled by foot and small loads were carried by donkeys across the desert. Rich people sometimes had their own chariots. They also could be carried by slaves in litters. They also could be carried by chairs slung between 2 donkeys.
The Busy River
People used the Nile for getting around, but it was also used for fun and relaxation. For the nobles being on the river was even more fun because they got to go down the river in style. It was an amazing way to pass time.
Reed Boats
Egyptians used reed boats in many ways like fishing and short trips. People built reed boats by binding reeds together.
The barge was used for carrying heavy building materials. Some of the things they carried were obelisks. The barges were so big that they had to be towed by a bunch of small boats manned by a lot of men.
By Coleman Frost
The Sheet that the teacher gave me.
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