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12 Inertia

Lab 12

Rob Mead

on 1 December 2014

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Transcript of 12 Inertia

Lab 12
Inertia is the tendency for all things with mass...
Is there gravity in space?
So... there is gravity in space?
Why is a truck harder to push than a car?
Inertia means... objects with mass have a tendency to resist changes in their motion.
Wait... you just explained how gravity is pulling "weightless" astronauts downward, but...
So they're moving sideways — tangential to the surface of the Earth — at 28,000 kph.
Inertia is the property that all objects have...
This spinning globe makes a lot more sense now...
...to maintain their state of motion.
If they're stationary — they want to stay stationary.
If they're in motion — they want to stay in motion.
What did Newton say?
Momentum is inertia in motion?
"to give human qualities (or attributes) to non-human beings or things."
Why is it anthropomorphic to say that stationary objects — like a parked car — are stationary? "Not moving" is "not moving" — right?
How come the astronauts are always floating around?
Can you explain it?
Once something's stopped, it doesn't really want to go... and once something is going, it doesn't really want to stop.
A car is impossible to lift because of its...
But it's difficult to push because of its...
...that keeps them doing what they're doing.
...why do they keep moving forward?
...why don't they stop?
Is it relevant that it is positioned ABOVE the atmosphere?
It also has to be kept away from space debris...
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