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VoIP is the transfer of voice traffic over an Internet Protocol (IP) network

Navine Manivannan

on 11 May 2011

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Transcript of VoIP

VoIP 5Ws Who What When Where Why VoIP was introduced to the world by a small company known as Vocaltec, when they released what was believed to be the first internet phone, this VoIP software was called "Internet Phone" and was designed to run on home PCs VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) is the transfer of voice traffic over IP based networks, this is known as internet telephony.
The software created by Vocaltec known as "Internet Phone" was created at the Vocaltec Headquarters located at "14 Beni Ga'on St. Netanya, Israel, 42504" VoIP was invented for a cheap and easy way to communicate with others via internet than via telephone. How 1 2 3 First off you would basically speak into a microphone connected to a computer or telephone, these voice waves, would be compressed, and would go to the modem where they would be put into IP Packets. So basically a Voice Packet, then overtop an IP Packet. This IP Packet then goes to the internet. Now, it has the source IP and the destination IP which was given to the Packet by the DNS Server. Now the packet travels over the internet to the destination IP. Once the IP Packet has reached its destination, from the Internet it travels to the destination Modem. Within the destination modem the IP packet gets unpacked and get transferred back into a voice packet. From the Modem it travels to the computer or phone (through adapter) and gets heard through the speakers. VoIP was introduced to the world in 1995 by Vocaltec, a small company which released the first VoIP software.
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