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Earthquake Project for Mr.Lattanzio

Earthquakes, seismic waves

taylor nestor

on 9 February 2011

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Transcript of Earthquake Project for Mr.Lattanzio

Earthquakes The Causes of Earthquakes : a series of vibrations in the earth's crust by the abrupt rupture and rebound of rocks in which elastic strain has been slowly accumulating. As tectonis plates push, pull, or scrape against each other stress builds up along faults near the plates' edges. Earthquakes travel through seismic waves which are waves of energy that travel through the Earth. Earthquakes vary in strength, as you know they don't occur on a set schedule. http://www.schooltube.com/video/bca7030f2cfac40f1dc1/Haiti For information on one if the biggest Earthquakes that led to a tsunami ; click on the attached link below.
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