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Number the Stars BY KW

No description


on 27 February 2014

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Transcript of Number the Stars BY KW

Number the Stars
By: Lois Lowry
Stocky: Fat and thin build.
Lanky: Thin and tall build.
Pout: To show displeasure by thrusting out the lips.
Dawdle: Lingering and wasting time.
Sneer: Laughing with facial expressions of scorn or contempt.
Obstinate: Clinging to an opinion, purpose or course.
Impassive: Not showing emotion.
Torment: Extreme pain or anguish.
Submerged: To put under or plunge into water.
Plodding: Walk heavily.

Important Characters
1. Annemarie: She is the main character
of the book, she is a brave and intelligent girl and she lives in Denmark.
jose david is crazy
2. Kirsti: She is the smaller sister of Annemarie, she is a little girl. She act dumb sometimes. She's is not afraid of the soldiers because she's too young
3. Ellen: She is Annemarie's best friend, she and her family are Jewish, which made their family get involved in problems.
4. Peter Neilson: He is sort of an old brother for Annemarie and Kirsti, he is always intelligent and always have plans.
The Setting
There are two main setting in the book are
the apartment that the Johansens has in
Sweden and the old house that uncle Henrik has.
The apartment: It's not too big but it's a nice house,
friends from the Johansens always come to visit the family.
Uncle Henrik's Farm: It's an old and small house , the roof it's covered with red paint, there are a few trees around it.
Time Period
The time that the story happened is
the year 1943.

The book is about a girl who lives in Denmark.
German soldiers had taken over her country. The soldiers are trying to find Jewish peoples, and her friend, the Rosens were Jewish. The main part of the story is how Annemarie and her family save their friends from danger.
I think the book is really well written and I suggest you to read it.
I identify with uncle Henrik because I like sailing into the sea and I love fishing, uncle Henrik is a fishman and he also loves to sail, just like me.
The End
I would like to change the end of the book because I would want to know what happens to the Rosens after they get away from Denmark, which will be interesting.
I like this book because it was really well written with the nice vocabulary words. The author wrote the story with surprise that you won't expect, it was really exciting. I really suggest you to read this book.
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