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Grant Burrows-Nowhere to Call Home

No description

Andrea Hardwick

on 17 April 2015

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Transcript of Grant Burrows-Nowhere to Call Home

Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Frances spends the day figuring things out and isn't that happy to leave her home. When getting things packed, she overheard about one of her butlers wanting to hop freights. Frances gets curious and asks of what it means to hop a freight. Her butlers tell her that it's what bums do and she can't do that. That makes Frances mad and makes her want to try doing that.
Chapter 5
Frances's taxi finally arrives and takes her to the train station. Before getting on her train, she sees a sign that says that she can redeem her ticket for money. She decides to redeem her ticket and got some money, she missed her train on purpose and then she ran off.
Chapter 4
Frances gets the rest of her things packed up and is thinking about her father's death. She can't believe that he is dead and she thinks it's a dream. Junius tells Frances more on hoping freights and that she can't do that because its dangerous. Frances also thinks that she needs to make up her own rules.
Thank you!
Chapter 1
In the first chapter, The Great Depression has now begun and businesses are starting to close down. Frances is awoken by a loud noise and doesn't know what it is. She later finds out that her father had killed himself, because his business went bankrupt and didn't have any money left. She now is an orphan and doesn't know of what to do.
Chapter 7
While riding the train, Frances plays her harmonica and she hears a voice in the boxcar. Frances gets worried and finds out that there was a boy in there, his name was StewPot. Frances gives StewPot some food to eat and they both talked to each other, then Frances plays her harmonica and StewPot likes the tune she plays and they both fall asleep.
Chapter 6
After Frances runs off she sees a train yard full of freight trains and saw two people hop a freight. That makes her excited and gets her more curious of wanting to hop a freight. She then went to go buy some men clothing and changed into them. Once she was changed, she got into a box car and the train rode off.
Nowhere to Call Home: By Grant Burrows
After Frances father had died, she now has no money or people to take care of her. Frances learns that she has to go to Chicago to live with her aunt. But Frances doesn't want to live with her aunt.
Chapters 8-9
Chapter 8 both Frances and StewPot wake up they find out that they are in Pittsburgh and leave their boxcar. They get things settled and then they found a quarry and they both swam in it. After swimming they head to the jungle and find a group of five people there.
Chapter 9 Frances meets the group of people and discovers that two of them are girls. They then start getting things ready for dinner and StewPot and Frances go to a farm and do some work for food. They get potatoes, cabbages and tomatoes and take it back to the jungle.
Chapters 10-11
Chapter 10: Frances and StewPot make it back to camp with the food they earned, and see that the others got some food too. Everything gets cooked and they start dinner and the group talks to each other. The group asks Frances to play her harmonica and the group felt happy to hear her play then they go to sleep.
Chapter 11: Frances wakes up and notices that her bag is missing. She and the group look around for it and find it with some of her stuff missing. Frances is sad that some of her belongings are gone. Then Frances heads out with StewPot to get supplies before they leave Pittsburgh.
Chapters 12-13
Chapter 12: Frances goes to town and collected some food from a bakery to travel with. Then they head to a butcher shop but got kicked out. Frances is angry that they both got called out and she didn't get a chance to explain about working for him. Then they head to a store and buy a knife for Frances to use.
chapter 13: They finally make it to the train yard to catch a train ride somewhere west. Before finding a train car StewPot sees more hobos trying to get into a car. So Frances and StewPot had to race them to get a boxcar, it was dangerous but they got one. Then they get in and see that it was full of oranges and were happy to be in it.
Chapter 14-16
Chapter 14: StewPot and Frances catch a train and while they rode the train, StewPot teaches Frances how to carve pieces of wood to make figurines. Stewpot also tells Frances how he wants to start his own farm and start a family of his own.
Chapter 15: Frances gets bored and decides to read one of her books she took with her. She tries to get StewPot to read one but he refuses to and gets mad about it. Then StewPot tells Frances to read one to him and he likes the book she read, then after that they both fell asleep.
Chapter 16: They arrive in the town of
Cincinnati and are trying to reach St.Louis. Before heading out, they do some chores for a woman and she gives them food for their journey. Frances also feels bad for the woman, because things were rough for her and her baby. After that they leave to get to the train yard.
Chapters 17-19
Chapter 17: They both make it to the train yard and ran into a group of five hobos who were also looking for a freight. One of the bums in the group was a girl, and she was with a group who were mean people. Frances feels bad for the girl but there wasn't much that she could do. Then Frances tells StewPot that she is a girl, but StewPot knew from the start. They get to St.Louis the next day and exit the boxcar but get arrested by a cop.
Chapter 18: The police take them to jail and were there for a day. The hobos that were arrested got mad at the criminals because they got better food than them. StewPot was really ill and looked tired and Frances was worried about him and she wanted to get him help.
Chapter 19: Frances begs StewPot to go to a hotel to stay for the night because of his condition. They manage to get to the hotel and got a place to stay in. Frances also feels bad for the other girls in the hotel because they had stories about why they ran away and things that happened to them. That makes Frances feels spoiled for being in a rich family and makes her feel guilty.
Chapters 20-22
Chapter 20: Both Frances and StewPot were trying to figure out where to go next, Frances wanted to take StewPot to Chicago but he refuses. He wanted to go to the Rocky Mountains and Frances goes with him. Before they left Frances goes to town and buys some food and some medicine.
Chapter 21: Once Frances returns with the supplies both she and StewPot find a boxcar that will go through the Rocky Mountains. After they find a boxcar, Frances wants to teach StewPot how to read but StewPot wasn't sure. Then his condition gets worse and he starts to feel really cold.
Chapter 22: The next morning they got closer to the Rocky Mountains, and StewPot was doing a little better than before. Some time later they finally reach the mountains and they were in shock on how beautiful the mountains were.
Chapters 23-26
Chapter 23: Frances is trying to get StewPot to a Hoverville to get him some help but StewPot was getting weaker as they moved along. Right when they got close to a house both Frances and StewPot pass out from exhaustion.
Chapter 24: After waking up Frances meets a hobo named Jack. He trys to help Frances but there was not much he could do to help. Frances goes to town to find a doctor and when she was tryig to get StewPot there, he died.
Chapter 25: Right after StewPot had died, Jack and Frances go to the woods to bury StewPot. Frances blames herself that StewPot died because of her and she wishes she could of tried harder. Then she takes a train to head to Chicago
Chapter 26: The train finally arrives in Chicago after four days of traveling. Frances leaves the station and walks to her aunt's house and fianlly makes it to her house.
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