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People Like Us analysis

Duke Tip East; Symbols and Structures; 2013

Saachi Datta

on 27 June 2013

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Transcript of People Like Us analysis

People Like Us
by Kelly Clarkson

Lyric Analysis
Main Imagery
Change imagery

Flame imagery
renewal, phoenix

Common theme

Archetype of Fighters

Possible Political connections
History of Product Placement in Music Videos
Compare and Contrast with Pleasantville
People Like Us

First Verse
We come into this world unknown
But we know that we are not alone
They try to knock us down
But change is coming, it's our time now

Hey... everybody loses it,
Everybody wants to throw it all away sometimes
And hey ... yeah I know what you're going through
Don't let it get the best of you, you'll make it out alive
Girl being analyzed

Second Verse
Girl being discriminated
Kelly Clarkson secretly
being colored
Hey, this is not a funeral
It's a revolution, after all your tears have turned to rage
Just wait, everything will be ok
Even when you're feeling like it's going down in flames
Security men coming into
colorful world
Girl going to doctor when her tongue turned pink
Mother being colored but using make up to cover up
"Coloreds" discriminated against
The mayor and the father the only black and white people in the courtroom
People like us we've gotta stick together
Keep your head up, nothing lasts forever
Here's to the damned, to the lost and forgotten
It's hard to get high when you're living in the bottom

We're all misfits living in a world on fire
You've just gotta turn it up when the flames get higher
Sing it for the people like us, the people like us

Key Signs
They can't do nothing to you, they can't do nothing to me
This is the life that we choose, this is the life that we bleed
So throw your fists in the air, come out, come out if you dare
Tonight we're gonna change forever
Product placement in 2009 music videos compared with 2008: up 8%
Overall placement declined 2.8%
Money from paid placements is usually used to help pay for the video
Most music videos used to be shown on MTV
Product placement was limited
MTV would blur blatant ads or ask for an ad-free version
With rise of Internet and sites like YouTube, product placement rose as well
No censorship of ads online
Producers want to avoid the video being seen as an ad
Ads are covertly slipped in

Product Placement in "People Like Us"
Colorful Girl
In “People Like Us’, ads were extremely blatant, “in your face”
Criticized by some viewers although this was her first video with product placement
Product placements: Neon yellow Nokia phone and bright red BMW
Neon yellow and red catch the eye, draws attention to products
Phone’s photo taking and displaying capabilities were shown
Nokia logo was flashed and phone was in video for 5 seconds
Bright red BMW as well as black BMW shown driving through black and white landscape for 32 seconds
Camera zoomed in to show BMW logo multiple times
Showcased BMW’s speed and design
Shot in style of 2013 BMW ad

Normal bone structure
Everyone the same
Kelly Clarkson
Conforming to society
Security Men
Society's rules
Red Car
Passion and fun
Eye-catching color
Other side of tunnel
New life
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