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Training Report

No description

Yosra Jlassi

on 28 June 2017

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Transcript of Training Report

Training Report
Employees Satisfaction
In Relation To TAV Policies

Submitted By:
Aicha Charfeddine
Sabrine Tabka
Primary Research
A General Overview
Monastir Habib Bourguiba
International Airport
Work Experience Role and
Learning Outcomes

Monastir Habib Bourguiba International Airport was founded in 1968.
It was took under the management of the Civil Authority and Tunisian Airports (OACA) in 1972.
Witnessed several changes.

Monastir Habib bourguiba international airport was founded in 1968
It was took under the management of the civil authority and tunisian airports (oaca) in 1998
covers 199, 5 hectares
Witnessed several changes

The expansion of Monastir Airport
under the management of two holding


A public institution under the Tunisian Ministry of Transport.
Established in 1972.
Manages 6 airports in Tunisia.
Converted the airport’s management to Tepe Akfen groups for a period of 40 years.
The Civil Aviation and Airports Authority

Was launched in 1997 by the Tepe and Akfen groups under the Turkish Ministry of Transport.
Role: Airports’ management and air traffic control.
It operates 12 airports.
It started the operation of Monastir International Airport at the first of June 2008.
Tepe Akfen venture

The Visited Departments

The Landside and Terminal Operation Department

Flight Information Display System


Technical Operation Center

Informtion desk
Ramp tower
Counter allocation unit
Work Experience Role
Learning Outcomes

Informtion desk
Flight Information Display System

Technical Operation Center
Work Experience Role
Learning Outcomes
* Effective Communication skills:
Communication is a fundamental basis that garantees a strong and a successful business.
An effective communication ameliorates and develops the company finances.

* Team work spirit:
Teamwork creates a strong and an unbeatable power between partners.
Sharing work tasks and ideas with employees.
Teamwork serves as the heart and soul of any company.
Taught how employees deals to handle and manage issues.
an employee is a meaningful part of a larger whole.
Primary Research

* Monastir international airport has witnessed a significant decrease at the level of its performance

* This is due to three fundamental reasons
TAV took hold of the airport.
Tunisian revolution.
Post-revolution events (terrorists attack ).

Research topic
The need to keep a short distance between employees and managers is important.
The airport’s new stategies are professionally applied.
TAV participated at adding various values to the airport.

Interview analysis

Basic facilities
Summary of the main findings
Thank you for your attention
Are you satisfied with the new policies TAV has integrated into the airport?
How could you Rate TAV policies (Tepe Akfen) in terms of?
Reliability and occurrence of the information
The level of professionalism
How do the new policies affect your motivation/performance in achieving work tasks?
Most emloyees were dissatisfied with TAV policies.

This dissatisfaction has negatively affected employees’ motivation and commitment in the work process.

The airport situation is going worst.
A General Overview
Monastir Habib Bourguiba
International Airport
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