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Estrella Damm

Business English

Joan Castella

on 17 January 2014

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Transcript of Estrella Damm

Why Barcelona?
Opportunities offered by Mediterranean countries
Their climate
Their food
Their quality of life
A group of countries which, at that time, were living the giddy days of modernism.
Spring of 1872
Companyia d'explotacions energètiques SL
Aguas de San Martín de Veri SA
Alfil Logistics SA
Agora Europa SA
Osiris SL
Damm Innovation SL
El Túria (València)
Estrella d'Àfrica (Ceuta)
Estrella de Levante SA (Múrcia)
La Alhambra SA (Granada)
Cerveses Asociades SA (El Prat del Llobregat)
SA Balear de cervezas (Mallorca)
La Bohemia SA
Joan castella
The Bottle
The evolution of the bottle
Different brands
Serra de Tramuntana, 2012
Menorca, 2010
Leo Messi, 2009
Cobi, Barcelona 1992
The Kooks
Lana del Rey
James Blake
Love of Lesbian
Richie Hawtin
Antiga fàbrica Damm
Strengths (F)
Weaknesses (D)
Low national presence
Opportunities (O)
National market
Threats (A)
Other companies
SWOT Analysis
Importance in Catalonia
Brand image
80% of the market
Not external promotions
Poorly differentiated product
International market
More external promotions
Catalan gastronomy
Catalan political situation
Economic crisis
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