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The Many Faces of Music

No description

Megan Hounsome

on 28 September 2012

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Transcript of The Many Faces of Music

Musics ability to effect and create certain moods, is largely why it's so popular in the film world... In movies today, and back in the day, music was/is used to create or affect the mood in a scene Music, in one form or another has been around since the beginning of time During the "silent era" (1894-1929) of movies, music was used as a way to convey emotions to the audience in the absence of spoken dialogue. This is the ending scene from Charlie Chaplin's 1931 silent film "City Lights". The music in "silent" films serve the purpose
of maintaining the audiences attention and
making them continuously have focus on the
actors. The audiences enhanced focus level
maintains interest and makes the film more
interesting for the viewer. Without music in these films, the acting would look like it doesn't serve any purpose, and the comedic actions wouldn't appear to be funny at all. The music does not only lighten up the mood
but makes a person happy.... as if there were no
worries in the world. But, the music can also make you feel very sad and emotional, it all depends on the film and it's purpose. The soundtracks and music
in more modern films and
movie trailers have
changed drastically from
"silent" films as the soundtrack
is most commonly played
over words and serves an
alternative purpose. The music in movies grabs a persons
attention and persuades them
to keep watching. A movies theme song can also be heard
in its trailer. Theme songs are catchy and most of the time stick in peoples heads. A trailer with a catchy theme song
can also contribute to making a
person want to watch that particular
film as it can change their mood within
a very short time frame. We have provided a few examples
of movie clips with intense and
sometimes even mesmerizing
pieces of music and film trailers
that have the power to change a
persons mood and possibly even
persuade a person to watch the movie. 'The Chariots of Fire' is a great example
of the control and power music has
to create such a motivational feeling.
The following clip is the beginning of the movie
and is a fantastic transition into the rest of
the film as it leaves you with an
overwhelming feeling of satisfaction and empowerment.
Such emotions may make people crave for more
as the feelings can motivate them to change their own lives The soundtrack in this movie trailer for the
remake of the 'Titanic' is very intense and almost
overwhelming, because there's so much emotion,
drama, and action piled into one disastrous theme. It
gives you the extremely mixed emotions of freedom,
romance, and sadness. It makes you anxious and
have the continuous feeling to want more; like a
craving inside of you that needs to find out
what happens next. The majority of movies that have an
impacting soundtrack are violent or deal
with big worldly conflicts, like war and murder,
politics etc. while in the trailer for 'The Notebook'
music takes on a different role. Since this film sits
in the romance genre the music is very soft, and
encouraging. The soundtrack supports the film by
giving it a heavier feeling under a lighthearted cover and gives
you the emotions of love and conflict. Without the music
the romantic feel of the movie would not be displayed to the audience as effectively. In the movie trailer for The Lovely Bones, music plays an important role. In the beginning when all is right, the music conveys a sense a of happiness. Once the mood changes drastically, so does the music. It goes from happy and light, to very sad. And then we encounter another change and the music becomes very dramatic. Every time there is an important change in the mood, there is a change in music. These changes help highlight the new feelings for the audience and make the scene(s) more effective. Music has become a huge part of the success of the Star Wars movies. Almost anyone, young or old will recognize the unique music played in the beginning of any of the films. And apart from being an iconic part of the Star Wars films, the music also serves another purpose. Without the music, the text at the beginning of each movie would be quite boring. There would be nothing to catch your attention, and nothing to draw to light to the importance of the words. The music also gives it a sense of grandeur or importance, pulling the audience and holding them captivated. Without it much of the feeling would be lost. In the end, what we realize is that music is more than a one trick pony. It has many roles and functions such as changing or affecting the mood in movies and other things such as advertising. The End Most music in war or action films is usually intense or aggressive. In this scene the music is different. It serves the purpose of showing the other side of war. The sadness and depression that follows the deaths of many people. And even though it only lasts for a few seconds, it sticks in your mind and makes you think as you watch the violence and bloodshed unfold. In these clips of the movie 'August Rush', the soundtrack
is directly incorporated into the film and the storyline
practically analyzes it by itself. This movie could almost
summarize this project for us. In the first clip, which is
the opening scene in the movie, the music is very light,
and it could almost be called reflection music as the boy
talks over it. The musics purpose is to make you start
to think and it is like the movie is giving you a warning
that it is a film with many meanings behind each line. It
fills you with relief and flushes all the stress and unnecessary
worries from your body. This soundtrack leaves you open-minded
where any emotions could filter through your body while listening
to it, as the movie leaves you to interpret it how you want
too. The Many Faces of Music
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