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Compliance of Egyptians to Metro Instructions

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Heba Hantour

on 10 May 2017

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Transcript of Compliance of Egyptians to Metro Instructions

Compliance of Egyptians to Metro Instructions
Cairo Metro is considered one of the highest traffic subway systems around the world with 805 million passenger annually.
People opinions in the questionnaire agree
with observation for special needs and women cars instruction, but don't agree in in/out door instructions.
Mohamed Fathy

Research Method
The participants didn't influence each others, didn't know observation results and were asked the same questions
We want to know if People really obey these regulations or not.
A first impression answer for that question will be
No, of course Not!
There is no official records for that and of course we don't have the facilities to count every incidence.

A sample of people opinion about regulation obedience they have seen would give a good estimation.
An observation also of small group behavior would give an indicative example.
Controlled Variables:
All participants were asked the same questions.
Percent of people who follow in/out doors instructions
Percent of people who follow special needs seats instructions
Opinions based on the form:
How often smokers have you seen in Metro?
Do you agree or disagree that high population influence on following the instructions?
At anytime people who follow door instructions is more than people who doesn't follow, in contrast to people opinions from the questionnaire.
Time of the day and traffics didn't affect the ratio much which agree with people opinions in the questionnaire.
Research Method
Controlled Variables:
Number of stations and position of the car.
Three persons participated in the observation and didn't know other results till the end of experiment.
According to the observed sample people don't follow special needs instructions which agree with people opinion in the questionnaire
For 5 different observations only one man was observed violating women car instructions which agree with most people opinions in the questionnaire.
This may be due to strong rejection by passengers comparing with other instructions.
How many times have you seen men in women special cars?
In both high and low traffics the instructions were violated which means it's obedience issue.
Participants in the questionnaire suggested more penalties for violation, observation and may be prizes for those who follow instruction.
This may be due to large numbers in in/out instructions decrease accuracy of opinions judgment.
According to
Cairo Metro labels
threre are some
regulations rules for
using Metro.
seats for special
needs passengers
Ladies Cars aren't allowed for men till 9Pm.
Labeled doors for entrance and others for exit.
Research Question
First, we need to know people opinion. Do they think others obey these rules or not ?
We took opinions through a google form about Metro regulations obedience and solution suggestions, the received answers was 30.
Dependent Variables:
Asking Participants.
Independent Variables:
Participants opinions.
Seconed, we assumed that an observation of small group behavior would give an indicative example about following instructions rules.
We made a small observation experiment for people who enter or exit from an exit door, sit in special needs seats and men in women cars.
The observations were in different times of the day for more than 20 station; specifically for the exit door of the last car.
Dependent Variables:
Time of the day.
Independent Variables:
Number of people who follow instructions to those who doesn't .
Done by:
Ahmed Hamdi
Rowaida Quraish
Heba Motawie
Thank you
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