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No description

Ludji Jean-pierre

on 17 November 2015

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Transcript of Thailand

Thai : ไทย ​
4 Main Dialect ​

Northern Dialect
Lanna Version of Thai
Very similar to Laos
6 Million speakers

Southern Dialect
Southern version of Thai (Taai)

Malaysian influenced

7 Million speakers

Northeast Dialect
Thank you!
Northeast speaks Isaan version of Thai

Issan version of Thai

Similar to Laos

~20 million speakers

Sitiphum (Max) Wongwijitkul, Damon Best, Bryan Garrido, Ludji Jean-Pierre ​
Central Dialect
Centralize version of Thailand (Glaeng)

6 Million users

Most well known and most used

Government standardized language

Hierarchical Society
Certain social positions have more meanings than others.
Different Social rankings inserts you into a particular social order based on general appearance, financial terms, family name and social connections

Calling Someone Across Hierarchy
Family name calling towards strangers is common such as Uncle, Aunt, Brother or Sister
Formal use rely on the word “Khun” representing Mr. / Mrs.
"Ka" and "Krup" represents Yes Sir
Body Language
Pointing with the feet or 1 finger is not acceptable
Alternatives are point with 4 fingers; palm upwards or with your lips / chin
Do not touch another person's head ( source of intelligence)

Royal Family is an untouchable subject
Business Etiquette
Business meeting Etiquette
Dress Etiquette
Business Cards

Business Meeting Etiquette
The Wai greeting
Introduce your guest or wait to Introduce
Non-verbal communication is important
Dress Etiquette
Very conservative for Men and women .
Highly judge up on clothing and accesories.
Thai silk suits / Hybrid
Business Cards
Card are given after the initial handshake.
Deliver you business cards using your right hand.
It's Polite to make some comment about the card.
95% Buddhism
3.8% Muslim
0.5% Chrisianity
0.1% Hinduism
0.6% Others
The Wai
The Graab
Background Information about Thailand
Background Information About Thailand
The Kingdom Of Thailand is located in Southeast Asia
Bordering the Andaman Sea
Bangkok is the Capital City
Population 66 Million
Hierarchical society
Personal questions are common when newly introduced
Wait for your guest to introduce you so they can adjust your social ranking
A step further than The Wai
Highest form of respect
Performed towards highly respected elders
Confrontation is frowned upon
Body Language

Physical Contact in public
Eye contact
Gift Giving
Family Orientated Business
Thais like to resort towards family
Trust in family more than others
Inheritance of company is common
Business Operating Hours
Fun Facts
Fun facts
Thai is the official language
English is the second language
Thailand was know as siam
Thailand is divided into 76 provinces
75% of all population is ethnically Thai
14% is Chinese Origin
3% is ethnically Malaysian
Conservative Country
The Land of Smiles
Non-confrontional society
"Lose face" is disrespectful in Thai culture
Maintain eye contact is considered rude and confrotational
Occasional eye contact and bowing is asign of respect
Highly common within the business
Formal gift could be high end chocolate and fresh fruits
It shows a sign of respect and gratitude
King Bhumibol is born in Cambridge, Massachusetts
He's the longest reigning king in the world for 69 years
Tiger Woods is half Thai.
In 2011, Thailand was struck with one of the worst floods ever leaving a 28% drop in hard disk production.
This drop was so large, it affected the prices of laptops later on in the year.
Normal business hours are the same in Thailand (9am - Noon and an hour lunch and 1pm - 5pm)
Thais do not worry as much about being on time
Highly unuasual for Thais to have a business meetings on Saturday
Kissing in public is considered inappropriate
Hand-holding is typically fine in larger cities
They will greet each other with hugs
Royal Family is not included in any conversation
Extremely frowned upon within society
Legal action is possible
Freedom of speech does not apply
Giving someone a thumbs up is fine but towards a child is equivalent to sticking out your tongue
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