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Taylor Raye LeGrand Hall

on 25 September 2013

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Transcript of The TARDIS

The TARDIS compared to a plant cell
The TARDIS compared to a
plant cell
The cell membrane lets things in and out of the cell. It is like the TARDIS key. The Doctor chooses who he gives the key to, and by doing so, he chooses who goes in and out of the TARDIS.
Cell Membrane
The nucleus holds the information about the cell and controls what the cell does.The TARDIS console is like the nucleus because it is the control center of the TARDIS.
The ribosomes transport energy and protein throughout the cell. The Huon Particles are like the ribosomes. They transport energy throughout the TARDIS.
The pipes and cables in the TARDIS are like the ER. They carry things from one point to another.
The Endoplasmic Reticulum
The golgi bodies package proteins and information to transport throughout the cell. The seperate parts of the TARDIS console are the golgi bodies. Each one holds information about a separate thing, and delivers that information to different parts of the TARDIS.
Golgi Bodies
The mitochondria creates energy and protein (food) for the cell. The food machine is like the mitochondria. It provides food and energy to the inhabitants of the TARDIS.
The vacuole is a storage area for excess food, water, and waste. Each room is like the vacuole. Each room holds a seperate thing, for example, a swimming pool.
The cytoskeleton holds the shape and size of the cell. The Outer Plasmic Shell of the TARDIS is like the cytoskeleton because it gives the TARDIS its color, shape, and size.
The cell wall protects the cell from things on the outside. The outside of the TARDIS is like the cell wall because it protects the TARDIS.
Cell Wall
The Doctor is similar to the lysosomes because he gets rid of unnecessary things in the universe (AKA the bad guys).
The chloroplasts create energy for the cell. The heart of the TARDIS is like the chloroplasts because it converts Huon energy into energy the TARDIS can use and it's the thing that gives the TARDIS its power.
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