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right now

No description

Devon Quinn

on 14 March 2018

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Transcript of right now

right now
the starting point, for the rest of my life
Studying at Camosun college
Training for black belt, four days per week
Weightlifting for strength, four days per week
Rehab for knee injuries
November 11, 2016
Grade for black belt
Before Feb. 2017
Weightlifting goals passed:
Bench press 225 lbs for 12 reps
Current approximate start date:
September 2018
Primary goal of traveling is to train at the birthplace or pinnacle of multiple different disciplines
Shaolin Kung Fu
Indian Yoga
traveling to travel
Long boarding on
highway 101
The California coast hosts the Highway 101
several of my desired travel locations require long periods of self sustainability in the wild
Events and Festivals
Worldwide Parties and Incredible events.
held at the Empire Polo Club, in Indio, California, USA in late April, Coachella hosts approximately 300,000 people over 2 weekends.
Known as the largest Tomato fight in the world, La Tomatina is held in the Valencian town of Buñol, Spain, in late August. Multiple truckloads of tomatoes are used each year. Since 2013, ticket sales have been restricted to 20,000
A 16-18 day long folk festival stretching from mid September to the first weekend in October, to celebrate some of the best beer and bratwurst in the world.
also the largest Volkfest globally, hosting 6.4 million visitors, in Munich, Bavaria, Germany,
Approximately 2 weeks of heavy debauchery and good food to celebrate before the season of lent. The largest celebration is held in New Orleans, Southern Louisiana. The 1.2 million strong party apexes 47 days before Easter.
Held in the city of Pamplona, Spian, San fermines is best know for the event known as the "running of the bulls".
guest list tops out at 1.5 million people
A radical expression exhibition in the makeshift town of black rock, Nevada, Burning Man is virtual reality, manifested in real life. An experience that cannot possibly be described with words, with 70,000 people.
The Land bridge between North and South America, Panama has the perfect balance between tropical paradise, and dangerous wilderness. Hunting includes catfish, monkeys and tourists
Physical training in victoria
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