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All About Pickles

No description

Beth Gordon

on 6 September 2013

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Transcript of All About Pickles

All About Pickles

By: Alex Foster
Pickles is funny
Pickles is a very funny cat. She can and will jump in a chair right before you sit down. Sometimes Pickles will get really puffy because she is scared. She can get up to two times bigger when she is puffy. So now you know that my cat is really funny
Pickles is also Mean

Pickles can also be very mean. She has tackled me before! Pickles bit and clawed me a ton. Pickles has also punched me. I was messing with her I started to leave and she punched me. Now you know that Pickles is funny, pretty, and mean.
Pickles is Very Pretty

Pickles has my favorite kind of fur. Striped, I think it looks beautiful.
Look at
Pickles is Fat
Pickles is Fuzzy

My cat is vary fat. She eats 2-4 cups of food per day. That gives her a little weight. Pickles also eats 2-5 treats per day. This is why she is fat. Now Pickles is very talented.
Pickles Sleeps a lot

Pickles sleeps a lot. If I had to guess,it would be all day. She sleeps all day and is awake all night. Pickles will sleep almost anywhere. Now you know that my cat sleeps a ton!

Pickles is very fuzzy. If you pet her in the light you will see the fuzz coming off. My mom doesn't like it. Now you know thatPickles is funny, pretty, mean, fat, and fuzzy

The End

Sorry about this being the end.
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