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Kevin Henkes Author Study

With Jessica Maddela, For RDG 291

Willow Owings

on 22 April 2013

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Transcript of Kevin Henkes Author Study

The Roots of Kevin Henkes Famous Mouse Books About the Books Curriculum Connections Analysis -born in Racine, Wisconsin - his love for books started at a young age, frequent library visits
- originally wanted to be an artist
- attended University of Wisconsin at Madison because of the School of Education Cooperative Children's book Book Center
- went to Greenwillow Books the July of his freshman year, signed on the spot
- has illustrated and written more than 15 picture books - started with a Weekend with Wendell (August 1986)
-most recent: Penny and Her Marble (February 2013) Author Study: Kevin Henkes Chrysanthemum Movie: http://www.amazon.com/Chrysanthemum-Henkes-Stories-Scholastic-Collection/dp/B00006CY4S/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1366403119&sr=8-1&keywords=chrysanthemum+scholastic+collection
Pinterest Board: "Krazy for Kevin Henkes": http://pinterest.com/lmorris281/krazy-for-kevin-henkes/
Personal Website with Activities: http://www.kevinhenkes.com/for-teachers-librarians-parents/ - Association of Library Service to Children asked him to present May Hill Arbuthnot Lecture (2007)
- ALSC only selects "an individual who has made significant contributions to the field of children’s literature" to give lecture

Themes: real life experiences for children Activity :) By Willow Owings and Jessica Maddela - inspired by illustrators: Garth Williams, Crockett Johnson- When asked where he gets his story ideas from" "Of course all my writing is filtered through my experiences."
- most recent book : Penny and Her Marble (February 2013)
- working on : The Year of Billy Miller (2012) - 19 mouse books
- Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse (most popular)
- 1994 Caldecott Winner for book, Owen
- 2005 Caldecott Winner for book, Kitten's First Full Moon Why Mice? - most stories had human characters, he wanted something more fun and chose animals
- first drew sketches of an elephant, a dog, a cat, and a mouse
- liked the mouse the most List of Books Penny and Her Marble (February 2013)
Penny and Her Doll (August 2012)
Penny and Her Song (February 2012)
Junonia (June 2011)
Little White Rabbit (February 2011)
My Garden (March 2010)
Birds, written by Kevin Henkes, illustrated by Laura Dronzek (March 2009)
Old Bear (September 2008)
Bird Lake Moon (May 2008)
A Good Day (March 2007)
Lilly’s Big Day (April 2006)
So Happy!, written by Kevin Henkes, illustrated by Anita Lobel (March 2005)
A Box of Treats (November 2004) Kitten’s First Full Moon (March 2004)
Lilly’s Chocolate Heart (December 2003)
Julius’s Candy Corn (August 2003)
Olive’s Ocean (August 2003)
Wemberly’s Ice-Cream Star (April 2003)
Owen’s Marshmallow Chick (February 2002)
Sheila Rae’s Peppermint Stick (August 2001)
Wemberly Worried (August 2000)
Oh!, written by Kevin Henkes, illustrated by Laura Dronzek (October 1999)
The Birthday Room (September 1999)
Circle Dogs, written by Kevin Henkes, illustrated by Dan Yaccarino (September 1998)
Sun & Spoon (September 1997)
Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse (August 1996)
Good-bye, Curtis, written by Kevin Henkes, illustrated by Marisabina Russo (September 1995)
Protecting Marie (May 1995)
The Biggest Boy, written by Kevin Henkes, illustrated by Nancy Tafuri (April 1995)
Owen (September 1993) Chrysanthemum (September 1991)
Julius, the Baby of the World (September 1990)
Shhhh (August 1989)
Jessica (March 1989)
Chester’s Way (August 1988)
The Zebra Wall (April 1988)
Sheila Rae, the Brave (August 1987)
Once Around the Block, written by Kevin Henkes, illustrated by Victoria Chess (April 1987)
Two Under Par (April 1987)
A Weekend with Wendell (August 1986)
Grandpa & Bo (March 1986)
Bailey Goes Camping (August 1985)
Return to Sender (April 1984)
Margaret & Taylor (September 1983)
Clean Enough (February 1982)
All Alone (September 1981) - 47 books total
- 19 Mouse books
- 9 novels
- Genres: Comedy/Humor,
General Fiction
- Targeted Audience: Children
(kinder to 8th) Reviews “Perfectly executed in words and illustration. . . . Few illustrators write as well as they draw; Kevin Henkes demonstrates once again that he belongs to that select company.”—The Horn Book (starred review) “Once again Henkes captures young angst with respect and honesty.”—School Library Journal (starred review) www.kevinhenkes.com
http://www.amazon.com/Chrysanthemum-Henkes-Stories-Scholastic-Collection/dp/B00006CY4S http://pinterest.com/lmorris281/krazy-for-kevin-henkes/
http://www.amazon.com/Chrysanthemum-Henkes-Stories-Scholastic-Collection/dp/B00006CY4S dvdhttp://pinterest.com/lmorris281/krazy-for-kevin-henkes Sources:
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