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Little Bird Tales

A Creative Story Building Tool for Kids

Amanda Claussen

on 13 January 2013

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Transcript of Little Bird Tales

Why should an educator use Little Bird Tales? Little Bird Tales is a creative story building tool that allows a child to use his/her imagination and record his/her voice. Children can share their stories with friends and family. Why use Little Bird Tales? ~Students can bring their stories alive using Little Bird Tales.
~Little Bird Tales is a great resource for teachers.
~It is an application that can help students create an authentic project where not only can they write their own stories, but they can also record their voices reading their stories.
~Can also be used with one's own children to record special memories or stories that the little ones have. Little Bird Tales Tutorial Video: How to use Little Bird Tales? ~It can be adapted to any subject and/or assignment.
~Can capture the voice of anyone.
~Encourages creativity and self expression.
~Reinforces reading and writing skills.
~Supports teacher initiatives.
~Aligns with common core standards.
~Helps children with story telling.
~It's FREE!!!!!!! By Amanda Claussen
January 12, 2013 A Treasure Map to Building a
"Little Bird Tale" What is it? Little Bird Tales Demonstration Video Examples of how are educators using Little Bird Tales? Sources littlebirdtales.com "Safety, Safety you Need to Know" http://littlebirdtales.com/tales/view/story_id/138416/ "The Very Hungry Caterpillar"
http://littlebirdtales.com/tales/view/story_id/142983/ "How to Play Race to 100"
http://littlebirdtales.com/tales/view/story_id/141268/ "Verrazano and the Iroquois"
http://littlebirdtales.com/tales/view/story_id/140078/ 2mccombs (2012, February 15). Little Bird Tales Tutorial
Video. Retrieved January 12, 2013, from
Don't Blink Design. (2013). Little Bird Tales. Retrieved from
Littlebirdtalestv (2009, September 14). LittleBirdTales.com
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