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Friday Wrap Up

No description

Jeremy Levitt

on 25 July 2014

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Transcript of Friday Wrap Up

Sales on track to rise 4%
Compared to June

Average spend per business now around $62, up from $60
Add ons
Total jobs up slightly vs June
Forecast is 38,962

Massive effort from Customer Team: aim is to bring in over 4,000 jobs by month's end

Tash working hard on her target to get 5,000 extra jobs from Search Engine Marketing
Active businesses projected at 7,296
WIG is 9,000 so we're at over 80% to our goal

20% more businesses will sign up in July than June, mostly from outbound calls to businesses across Australia registered on a competitor's site

What are we doing?
Matched Business Directory
(getting us to $85)
Lots of work has been done
Email to customers includes recommended
Front end built (look is similar to discarded businesses)
Table in database to track clicks on phone numbers & profiles
Resolved some page load times
Still in progress/to do
Remove those who quoted
Order list by quote in subcategory & last login
Pricing Tests
(getting us to $85)
Kyla's presentation

Simpler, not tied to leads and coverage
Annual fee for being part of site that last year had $475mil of work posted (even more now)
Fairer, priced not on leads we send but leads you quote on
Benefits for loyalty (the more quotes you submit, the cheaper each quote becomes)
More calls to customers
(getting to 70,000 jobs)
Now we're only calling people who posted a job around a week ago

Soon we'll begin calling our big database of customers to "check in" and see if they want us to get them quotes on something else

Trainees begin nesting period next week & we can test out this strategy
Adding to SEM and SEO
(getting us to 70,000 jobs & 9,000 active businesses)
This week Tash finished adding 60 brand new AdGroups & 994 keywords

Content Team added 22 new category pages, 29 subcategory pages; our developers close to releasing functionality to let these go live & keep adding more

4 new members of Content Team start Monday
Heading in the right direction (up!)
Friday Wrap Up
July 25th 2014
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